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Was the only one who had delay capacity to relate to fat here? He's he's required. He wants to speak out against reopen nh rallies while responsible citizens are social distancing wearing masks vs protesters. Some of whom are reportedly paid. All right. All Right. We're we're we're where's our checks flout all community norms right because yeah going out wearing a mask in broad daylight staying inside when the sun is out. Yeah but that's normal right. That's worth aware ruins weird ones. How would these protesters have reacted when asked to plant Liberty Gardens? A war effort will vows back before Z. Illegal collects rainwater on some places. So I'm sure we would all be illegal here. That's Oregon. I believe would also in Florida tomorrow. Anyway I mean you you you get the idea where it's all the or no visit. The Homeowner Association will show up neighborhood. Nazis say you can have a garden here so yeah that's why we can't have liberty yards would be sunshine patriots of slunk away from for responsibilities in wartime England when asked to darkened windows during air raids. Okay so once again. You've got another guy here in the government gang who is likening. This current situation to wartime that is continuously happening. And it's not just You Know Democrats. Trump's done it to right. He's talked about fighting quote invisible animal. He was alluding to the deep state. That's q snow us talking about covid. Nineteen he was talking about. So you know none of these people are any better than any of the rest of them and it's only in degrees. Were all seeing all these governors talking about this new normal and you know. The United States doesn't have a Belarus. There are some states where they didn't have total lockdown so some states were better than others. that's always true in the US. There's always some states that are less free or more free than others but none of them Had the same the same mentality as Belarus across the Board Talking Victory Gardens Right. It's I it's like trying to have the people who buy into all of this feel like they're part of the team riot They're fighting this war and would victory gardens. Food was being rationed. So if you didn't grow on you you know you could go hungry and with someone to London. Let's put darkening for windows. Yeah I mean if you if you didn't darken your windows you know you might have a bomb fall on your house but He's equating that just a walking outside and not putting a piece of fabric over your face. That's really what they're trying to. They're trying to act like if you joining you do what you're told you're going to be contributing to this war effort and you're going to help defeat coronavirus.

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