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Hey, boob. I'm looking I'm looking for someone with boobs. Okay I was thinking roughly fifty one percent of the world's population has boobs unlock my. If you think that's you. That's you. Can Get back to me on how I met peg. Talking to a lot of emails because that's like a fucking hundred million people have do we meet in Louisville? From never had never been there. I'm from the other ones have boobs I read this. Tie Up and stuff. Okay. Cruiser Creek Mushrooms. Fan. Why they have control rooms it's wild. Tie Up and stuff me I like to be tied up and stuff in front of a camera. Oh, the people watching it could be a group of guys and girls or even just one person but the idea of being tied up stuffed hits me heart. Has Me Hard sorry Oh boy has me I wouldn't want to get that wrong. Has Me Hard and passed around like pet? Oh, boy has me excited. Let me know if you're going to help I can't not host. Ken, what is the hosting situation? So you can hosts I can't not hoses like I'm so excited I can't. You must come here. I'm away I'M A. I'm. A WHITE MALE THIRTY ONE I'm sure you're fucking blimp well to. A white male thirty, one, I live in Duluth I could travel. Oh, good for you. Send me a PIC. Took tell me what you had in mind for me. Wow. Oh, so they do all the lifting thought you would drive. Yeah. Were you the Guy Eating and subway certainly not I'm the guy that walked in and said Nice to see you had my sub made and I as I was leaving I stopped and said Nice to see you again. Your green shorts with red stripe weren't long enough made my day. Jared from subway oh wow that actually makes sense senior women wanted. North Las Vegas. There is something so special. About soft wrinkly skin. I wish I had a senior lady to some love. I. Know You must be out there wanting a sweet man. That is an excellent kisser. I am not shy. But I'm not pushy either. Again. Announcement here. PSI. Here we go. Things that we all agree or unattractive or unattractive you don't need to pretend they're not. It's okay. It's fine. Are you talking about suffering skin? Yes. Yes. I am as a matter of fact. Yes. What about an excellent kisser that's okay. But like within the context of otherwise being attractive this says there's something. So special you remember, do you remember the scene from the shining where he thinks it's an attractive woman and it's like a gross decaying old lady. This person says there's something so special about soft drinks can. This is somebody who's fooling himself. This is not real. Disney's get back in the game. This is this is somebody who tricked themselves in electing old people. This person's demented they need. They need to be beaten up and have their head fucking set on straight. Yeah dare. Yes. Yes Greta. It is Las Vegas. So that'd probably Cooking. Yeah. This needs to catch beating. From what I've read. Las Vegas's fucking barter town right now. So snake charmer and he's snakes in the area looking. What is going on here? There's a love. Any snakes in the area looking to be tamed and relaxed Snake Charmer Cobra commander as I can say. I. It and treat it with care. F. Why I'M A guy. So. Only serious minds only please. Only serious minds only please and I. Hope to hear from you soon, the sooner, the reply, the sooner your snake. Be Tamed. Your Cobra. That's a cousin who is the PINTER said. Is. axons Amo. For you Andrew. We run into each other often at Stewart's on. Broadway. Is The fucking Stewart they used to go to when I worked the chemical vacuum away Oh. Yeah. Okay. Yes. Yes. With right near the the last video store. Always has the small sack not sure you would be interested but would love to play if you're up for definitely would we are both male? Are You Chevy? Chase from the seventies we're both mailmen. Currently the new I, the frontline response yes. Oh my God you guys haven't donated to the post office to make the post office still suck and make sure you donate to. Government Agency and when you're done donate to Amazon. Actually donating to Amazon is less stupid because Amazon doesn't print their own currency you schmuck. My mouth shows up twice a week live in a major city. Sorry. Not impressed not going to give you my. We're not. A bunch of junk mail twice a week and I guarantee I don't. Want to save at the post office. I. Actually can't say in the PODCAST I'm sober enough to catch it but yo stop being stupid. Well, this is one that I am really into. It's one of my favorite things ever air conditioner on in wintertime. Avenue Burger King Troy. Right a right. You were the hot worker in Lansing Berg Troy Sun Sunday afternoon Elo. I ordered the family. Bundle meal. That means your entire family is going to subsist. Off of Burger King for that night, we'll my question is I ordered so did you order be family bundle meal for yourself or do you have a family waiting for the bundle me? Getting. A police or may have another situation okay. Like Jacob Marley situations like my father's going to get a bundle meal I am very hungry. You know it's Weird Jacob. Marley and my head is always goofy. Because he was that was he was he was Jacob Marley in the. Disney. What about? What about Ziggy Marley? No, it's nonsense. Khuju. Okay now. I wrote the family bundle meal. We talked a bit about the weather fascinating You told me that you couldn't wait for winter to get here and that you still keep your air conditioner on during the winter because of the mask you had on all I could see was your is loy a pretty light blue heart is Emoji Moy. To Wow. The forgotten North Troy school system. For. All three of us to meet at the Lansing Burke. Burger King Tomorrow. What are you guys doing here? Oh Shit. I was right up the street and I. Yeah. I'm looking for a short while female with dark hair and glasses always body. Okay. Well, then you go ahead, I would love to see how you looking relaxed say not in Burger King. Has Been, more, relaxed setting, of Burger King. People standing around waiting for fucking orders I've been to pull sides that are fucking less relaxed than. Fucking Wild Oh somebody die in the bathroom again. Stewart's exit eleven. I saw you you and your daughter stop at Stewart. Stewart Stewart Florida. We're the Brown equinoxes and I was on my motorcycle. Me and I thought you were a beautiful. Greg. I thought I wanted to talk to you and waited for you to come out but I lost my nerve and sped away by. I would love meet you. You fucked up. You fucked, right? Yeah there is. Tricks. Please ride my colleague. That's like a lot of the work like. A women will do it, but she is doing all the work. What is wrong with you? Never Woman's on top of my gets your. Man. Whatever I'm women's on top. I'm like it's your cocktail now over here when you're done, she's like all right. It feels good calm whatever two ladies from. Stewart's. Halls producer Hanan knows..

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