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As a good guy. No one ever bought that, right? But Roman heel run is the best thing that WWE has going. And it's really, really good. Roman heel is really good. And it took a while for him. I mean, everyone was like, just have room and be a bad guy. Have Roman be a bad guy. Everyone's booing him already. Roman is sleeping. All the different things that came into Roman Reigns in his character. And finally, he's gotten to the acknowledge me state. And it is so, so good. Thing I worry about is if Brock wins, it breaks that whole thing. And if you want Roman to be your number one star and the guy that Triple H went on Stephen a Smith, this week and yes, it was Triple H's retirement, but the other thing that he mentioned was that Roman Reigns can be the biggest star, not just in WWE, but after WWE. He is there. He is carrying the mantle. And if he loses here, do you break that? There's a very real chance you break that by having Bronco over. That's why my prediction, I agree with Andreas. I think Roman wins. And I think Romans holding up the two belts. And I ain't that crowd is booing the shit out of it. Because if you have to because Roman is the best thing you have going and Brock has been amazing as a baby face here. Roman is your guy. He is the horse you rode in on, you need to write off with Roman Reigns. All right, so I actually got a question to finish this out. Sure. Balti. If Roman Reigns beats Brock Lesnar holds up both belts. And mania, day two, close the show. See the greatest heel run of all time. Outside of Hollywood hope. Hollywood Hogan, you're not going to mind. That's incredible. Is he second? I will say no. And the reason I say no is because a heel is as good as the baby faces they're going against. Babyface Brock is really babyface braking is really good and really big. And this is, I feel like this is because Roman's been running through people, right? Finn Balor lost over BS cases and they were just like, God, nah, Roman one. It's all good, right? 'cause they just didn't view Finn as that big of a baby face to be beat.

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