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They handed go for they had to go with the tedium and give navy credit navy made plays where they had to air force had him in a fourth in three navy converts they had navy on a third and ten navy converts another thirddown navy converge they threw a touchdown pass something they don't like to do they don't like to throw the you have to give navy credit but since that time they have found a way to keep battling keep fighting and they don't get down on themselves of the resiliency is really remarkable now it takes a while to get going especially the defense i think steve ross's run out hair to pull out of his head because of that but once they do last week the held see issued one hundred nine yards total offense i think in the entire secondhalf part of the reason was a run on the feel that much lucy issue offense so they find a way no i talk about that that defense i remember maybe troy told you this or maybe said at ones weekly press conferences he really felt like this defense atta replace so many guys was going to be much better a month into the year than they are at the beginning you point out what they were able to do against csu you look at the point totals in their non 85 bears by any stretch of the imagination what have they but they've done enough over the pass three weeks what is that enough that they do now that they did didn't do three four five weeks ago well i'll tell you what they're still doing they're still giving up monster touchdown plays when you go back and look they've given up i wanna say twelve or thirteen touchdowns this year where the touchdown.

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