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Come in. Hopefully and help us. Save some lives. Welsh expects the first dogs might be ready for adoption by the end of this week. That's P Demetrio. Burger King says it's vegetarian burger is going nationwide after test marketing went exceedingly, well, Rachel Conrad is a spokesperson for impossible foods of Redwood City makers of the impossible burger cake factory. Red Robin, Cuba, basically every single chain that tries a test program goes nationwide because of the phenomenal demand. The soy based protein in the impossible burger is made at a factory in Oakland. She said the goal of impossible foods is to eliminate the need for animals for food by the year. Twenty thirty five major league baseball will stream thirteen games exclusively on YouTube during the second half of this season. Here's my Cogan to tell us more about that sports trackers say what's driving. This partnership is a goal of all major sports leagues to attract a younger audience. So you gotta go with a our people. Today one how they want it when they wanted and that increasingly means on the move, which means smaller screens second screen experience. Bloomberg sports reporters caught Sasha Nick says vetting for broadcast rights for professional sports is only going to get more intense. The next time these these marquee packages are up which is twenty twenty one twenty twenty two that's NFL that's NBA or NBA little after that. But the next time these major rights come up, you can bet that the Facebook the Amazons the googles they will all be involved in the bidding. There is a downside for some fans. If say a giants or as game is selected under this partnership. You'll only be able to see it on YouTube by Colgan KCBS, six high tech catamarans are spending the week sailing around San Francisco Bay KCBS Bob Butler reports the votes are preparing for a series of races this weekend. So GP lot with a February race in Australia through our teams. From there. The US France, Great Britain, China and Japan as.

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