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Pulis met today with Dr Deborah Burkes, the White House Corona virus Response coordinator, Dr Burke's told the governor that Coloradans have to stop socializing and visiting with people outside of our households. There's concern about younger people in their twenties and thirties being a symptomatic spreaders of Corona virus. Wyoming governor Mark Gordon may have been exposed to covert 19 is rapid test came back negative. But Governor Gordon will self quarantine and is waiting for results of a secondary test. Well, it turned out just great, but things didn't look good for much of yesterday's Broncos game. So did Coach Fangio ever think about benching drew lock and I was never a consideration that thought never did cross my mind. Lock led the way is the Broncos scored four second half touchdowns for a last 2nd 31 30 win over the Chargers. The Broncos traveled to play the Falcons on Sunday. It's an 11 a.m. kickoff. Our next news updated seven on Cathy Walker on Koray News radio 8:50 A.m. in 94 1. After now on traffic with Darren Copeland, still a difficult drive on I 25 looking high above the metro area from the different sports Traffic Center. Found 25 an orchard kind of roll over there. That's blocking couple lanes that's got you backed up almost a dry creek and then South bound by 25 right around Thornton Parkway, also an accident there, that's got the left and express lanes blocked off. You're backed up to 120th still slow in both directions of I 25 into downtown and a new accident. Looks like right there around spear so More delays and then a big problem on leaks. Dale is going to closed in both directions between Cherry and Alameda. There's not a pedestrian accident there.

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