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Seen the lawsuit and will comment after it has time to review it what a difference twelve words can me has a length of the phrase governor Jay Inslee crossed out before he signed a transportation budget bill now come was Corwin hate reports critics are preparing to sue the potential litigants say the content of the deleted sentence doesn't matter much for the record it had to do with whether fuel type may be considered when issuing grants to public transit programs still the Everett Herald reports leaders of the democratic and Republican caucuses in the house and Senate are getting ready to sue the governor over it legislative leaders find it troubling and concerning that Insley plucked out that bit of legislation from a much larger bill they say it's illegal Senate minority leader Republican Marchessault reverts Phil tells the Herald it's not about the substance of the deleted sentence he says it's about what might get crossed out of other bills down the road Corwin Hey komo news more problems with Seattle city lights new billing system a lawsuit filed in king county alleges city light invested in poor and costly technology for billing and when the system failed and under build customers city light attempted to correct errors by over charging rate payers Seattle times reports it's the if it is certified as a class action suit it would be open for any city like customers who in the past four years received a power bill based on estimated power usage city light previously said state law doesn't allow it to write off high bills lots of changes each year for students across our Washington state school superintendent Chris right bill says some state districts will be able to change their schedules based on what they think works best for their students some more districts are gonna get the option to.

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