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Him outside the Fort Worth prison where he's being held, But Tiger King Joe Exotic isn't going anywhere. Joseph Maldonado passage the former operator of the Winnie would exotic animal Park and former candidate for Oklahoma governor was not pardoned by President Donald Trump in his last few hours in office. Message was convicted in a murder for hire plot and for violating wildlife laws. His attorneys claim he was railroaded and betrayed. He was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison 3085. That's the number of covert 19 deaths in Oklahoma since the pandemic began. The State Health Department yesterday reported 48 deaths and another 1986. Your case is the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps says it needs volunteers to help it more than 50 vaccination sites across the state is looking for medical and non medical volunteers coordinator Leslie Carter says. It's a huge, unprecedented effort to vaccinate the majority of our population of nearly four million Americans, he says. We need as much help as they can get from the community to make it possible. If you'd like some more information about that go to their website it okay MRC dot ord Ribbon cutting ceremony starts at 10 this morning for the New Oklahoma Pandemic Center for innovation and excellence and the nearly relocated public health lab in still water. Governor, State and state health commissioner, Dr Lance Fry will be there. The lab reforms, a large amount of covert 19 testing and newborn screening tests and monitors disease outbreaks. The old lab at the state Health Department in Oklahoma City needed repairs and was at risk of losing accreditation from the Alan Samuels. Volkswagen Weather Studio. Allen Samuels, Volkswagen, Your friend in the car business. Partly.

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