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Edith, Michael Wilson, British discussed on The John Batchelor Show


John batchelor michael and you're looking for the origins of america's new civil war this conflict that we can't name yet dividing us irredeemably not seeking compromise one is one side must win where did it start while we're looking at woodrow wilson and the first war period one hundred years past michael's look at domestic but now we go to the paris nine hundred nineteen wilson arrives to great applause of all europe they celebrate benham in italy stands on the balcony and ways till crowds as if he's pope in london is celebrated by the king and then when he gets to paris clemenceau grasps him and says welcome president wilson and they begin the contest about the league of nation michael clemenceau said afterwards a messiah complex david lloyd george of leading the british just reelected he took the election in the mid of december he was very powerful body was agile he was a good lawyer and he saw that wilson's vanity could be managed the other powers adverse i were lesser ones japan italy and didn't get to interact with wilson because he was solitary isolated himself however clemenceau learned pound pound pound and get what you want wilson didn't listen and here's a puzzle michael wilson not listening to clemenceau and not listening to lloyd george's one thing but he didn't listen to his own congress he didn't listen to lodge he didn't listen to to hitchcock his own mature minority leader in the and he didn't listen to the democrats he was speaking against all members of congress not just the republican members of congress he was deaf now one hundred years later michael we can celebrate wilson's visions but his visions were utopian they were impractical they were a loose serie and he he pounded the table he did not give us an alternative and as he hid in the white house thanks to his physician grayson and his wife edith and other counselors has he hid in the white house and he was offered a compromise in february of twenty by by the congress for the.

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Edith, Michael Wilson, British discussed on The John Batchelor Show

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