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Happens and you can watch a live stream of the press conference on our website WBZ ten thirty dot com give you a chance to anticipate to everything that you could be seen if you're heading into Boston tomorrow four Dorchester man was taken into police custody early this morning accused of stabbing to others in the Dorchester AB home WBZ's Chris fama has the story police arrived at the scene just before eleven PM right as car west walk through the front door to fifteen ninety three Dorchester Avenue holding a pocket knife authorities observed that west had been injured in a search of the home produced two more victims one male one female each allegedly stabbed by west during a dispute a police spokesman says this wasn't a random act that Weston the victims knew each other and that all three are expected to survive west has been charged with two counts of assault one with intent to murder a second charge for use of a deadly weapon what exactly was the catalyst of the alleged attack remains under investigation in Medford Chris samba WBZ Boston's news radio authorities are continuing to search for motives behind two attacks a religious gatherings one near Dallas the other outside New York City over the weekend we get the latest now from CBS police are looking into a pair of religious related crimes and white settlement Texas near fort worth they're trying to find out why a gunman shot and killed two men inside a church before congregation Evers pull their own weapons to kill him this man was there is a critical had also just like we are it was a sad thing that he gets to come into the congregation of our people in settling the we got her in Rockland county New York police arrested the man they say attacked orthodox Jews of Hanukkah.

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