Sean Hayes, Congressman, North Korea discussed on The Joe Walsh Show


Let me go to sean hayes shawny joe you know what i love about listening to your show i that you were a congressman you know how the sausage is made so when you talk about this north korea you remember a couple of weeks ago when he told them i'm gonna make you very rich remember that gonna open up trade because what happens is our foreign policy is the most schizophrenic con job on the planet we fund these prison camps like north korea so in other words we're going to give them the money to buy our goods and we're gonna pretend that trait see this is what i can't stand about how how complacent the republicans are how so how how economically ignorant the people are the imf bank we underwrite it all we guarantee the loans to russia to all of it we are the biggest suckers on the planet and what are they doing they get a chance the omnibus bill all standing in the world it's gotta end in a train wreck if you seize the money they can't pay joe and they keep giving our enemies more money this is kabuki theatre brother spot on my friend sean thanks always love it thank you sean and i don't think i can disagree with the word that you said let me go to patrick forty five years ago i i was stationed in tech south korea and it was a third world country i mean open sewers been ditches and today it's a powerhouse i mean it's an economic powerhouse i think kim don't he knows this and he knows that he's lost and his time is up i think that regime is on ready to collapse patrick you make a great point look that that regime has known for a while what's going on in south korea and what's going on in their own country.

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