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The seventies. Today, Tomorrow we have an 80% chance of showers and storms slowed a bit. Seventies. Meteorologists Terry Smith from the Weather Channel 57, now clear and sunny at the Ktrh Top Tax Defenders 24 Hour Weather Center. Ktrh news time. 901 Our top story 18 States now filing friend of the court briefs with the U. S. Supreme Court over Texas is presidential election lawsuit States say Attorney General Ken Paxton raised important constitutional questions about the results in Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Paxton on Fox Business Network this morning discussed the timeline of the legal action. We're hopeful it's gonna be quick. We've got a court order response by the defendant states by today. I think it's three so You know, I'm hopeful that this thing moves along very quickly given that the electors Our meeting on the 14 President. Trump has also signed onto the lawsuit calling it quote the Big One US Food Drug Administration holding an advisory committee hearing this morning on giving emergency use authorization to Fizer is Corona Virus Vaccine. Acting chair of the committee, Dr Arnold Monta reiterated the mission of the hearing. We have one cat ahead of us today. And that is to discuss and vote on the emergency use authorization of the visor buying tech Hogan 19 vaccine for the prevention. Covert 19 and individuals, 16 years of age and older fighters. Phase three clinical trials showed its facts. He was 95% effective in preventing volunteers from getting code 19. The UK already approved the vaccine last week and his began back sitting citizens in the last couple of days. We'll, the winner of the November 29th, drawing in the Texas lottery with a $9 million jackpot has claimed the prize but is choosing to remain anonymous. The winning ticket was sold at the 7 11 in El Paso. Lottery officials say the winner chose the cash value option, which means they'll get more than $7.6 million before taxes on Wall Street. Things are mixed in early day trading, the Dow is down 41 points the S and P 500 down one, but the NASDAQ is up. 15 crude oil up more than a dollar to 46 73 a barrel. Who's on demanded ktrh dot com. Our next update at 9 30 now more of Michael Berry Show. I'm Cory Olson on NewsRadio, 7 40 ktrh. Today, American Innovation is delivering miracles and.

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