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Cat was taking a search of the county animal shelter to be treated for what appeared to be chemical burns to his face anyone with information is asked to contact the state police in Clifton park trump administration is proposing a new restriction on migrants seeking asylum in the US NBC's Pete Williams has homeland security's explanation statement they believe this will reduce what they call a major poll factor that drives immigration to the US they say it's because by asylum seekers failing to seek urgent protection in the first available country according to the DOJ and DHS officials restriction would deny anyone who crosses the southern border from seeking asylum in the US if they came through another country and did not seek asylum in that country the role will take effect tomorrow once it's published in the Federal Register the first of several public meetings to discuss the concept of making Troy sanctuary cities scheduled for Tuesday evening at the Lansing Berg veterans club last week the tri city council voted for three in favor but try mayor Patrik Madden vetoed the families and communities together proposal a tri city council president Carmella men Tello who's personally opposed to the sanctuary city idea has been promoting the idea of public hearings on the issue in a news release today she says despite the veto the opportunity still exist for legislation to be reintroduced she would like voters to be able to vote on a referendum in November it's Amazon prime day the day the online retail giant toads deals and lowers prices this year though there are Amazon fulfillment center workers going on protest Meg Ryan says they're being over worked well working at Amazon is really difficult it's very hard place to work and one of the things that would reduce some of the stresses of management would reduce the rates the production rates that were required to meet every hour this is the first U. S. work stoppage for the company the.

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