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And of course, you can keep up with everything that we do on our website it new sound stop or g'kar. Right now listening to some music that kind of has that blown speaker distortion effect, And that actually is a pretty good way of describing what Bridget Hayden does. She is a Singer and guitarist and piano player as well, who lives in England in West Yorkshire and has put out an album called Your touch only from now on, they said so. That's the name of the record. We'll hear a piece called Cold Steel rain. This is music that has at its heart, the sound of folk music and especially of the blues, like slow Are deep Delta blues, but that's under the surface. The surface itself is full of this heavily distorted sound as if you're hearing the music from beneath the surface of the water or something. It's a remarkable effect from Bridgett Hayden. Oh, Mm hmm. Mm. Mm hmm. Yes. Steve So Mm hmm. That's music from the British, the English guitarist and producer and singer Bridgett Hayden from an album called Pure Touch, only from now on, they said, so that's the name of the record. We heard a piece called cold Steel Rain, And while it begins with voice and guitar, it ends up with something that Bridgett Hayden describes on her band camp page as Galaxy electrified musical noise. All right. I'll buy that. Let's let's listen next to some electrified musical noise from Montreal from the veteran producer Tim Hecker. Uh, he did a record not too long ago, where he took the sounds of an Icelandic choir and processed it into something unrecognizable. He has now done something similar with the members of a group out of Tokyo called Tokyo Got Krusa. They play the traditional instruments of the imperial Japanese gaga coup ensembles. And from an album called Paranoia will hear a piece called this Life. It is full of the highly processed and altered sounds of the traditional read instruments and the strings and the percussion. All of the sounds that have been part of this traditional gaga coup ensemble from Japan and are now Pretty well hidden in this music from Tim Hecker. Yeah. Yeah. Mm. Mm hmm. Yes. Right? Yeah. Tim Hecker, Montreal based composer and producer is.

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