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Picks. I went to my college picks wanting to with my NFL picks at three and three compared to two and four. I now have a one game advantage going in to this week's Scotto, you, you know. No. It's a shame. Dan. Why it's a shame because I want five in one straight up. And I know that straight up doesn't mean anything in a point spread game. But you know, we had the eagles who were six point favorites and one by four and we had Alabama who was twenty six point favorites and one by twenty two so hey, you know, what I'm far off? Your Scott close is only good in hand grenades and horseshoes, right? That's correct, right. For blue label, Jack Daniels. We're not changing of Johnny Walker. Not changing the rules where close gets you a win. Okay. Play the teasers and their winners. All right here, we go. Are you ready? Let's get so sort of college. So Nick, Anthony, get us that good college football music here. All right, Scott as the loser. You get to start my friends. Fair warning, Dan, I'm going six and this weekend. So buckle up for this one game. One in my college slate, I'm gonna take the Syracuse orange plus the twenty five and a half points at Clemson couple of reasons here what Syracuse is offense is scoring a ridiculous pace this season. They know how to be Clemson because they beat them last year. No, I'm not saying they're going to go on the road. And opposite. Clemson like they beat them last year at the carrier dome. But I think they have enough offense of firepower to stick with the Tigers. Now, let's go to the other side. We're Clemson is dealing with an unnecessary distraction this week Kelly. Bryant was demoted Trevor Lawrence rightfully named the starting quarterback, but Kelly decides to transfer. You can't tell me that there's not a group of players in that locker room that's upset about this decision there, captain their leader their brother decided to quit on them. Because he wasn't getting the playing time that rubbish. Kids the wrong way. Plus there's no backup plan now behind Trevor Lawrence. If he was the go down with an injury..

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