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Bridgeport his best sports town lyon's radio seven sixty wjr detroit thirty seven degrees and gusty winds at six o'clock i'm dick haefner wjr news fires have burned down three houses in southwest detroit squatters are blamed for those fires in southwest detroit toledo police say an officer is recovering after he was shot overnight the shooting on caroline avenue near silvain yet in toledo worthy police tell wtvj see that the officer suffered nonlifethreatening wound we have no information if anybody was arrested michael quigley has been arrested and the organ build area the oakland county sheriff saying the man suspected of shooting his estranged wife and her boyfriend taken into custody by a man in who noticed that an old car that he had on his property had the windows flagged up well he suspected that quigley might have been hiding in that car he took a gun went to the vehicle and indeed quigley was there under a blanket quigley gave up the homeowners as i was pulling down the driveway i saw the windows were clogged up um i stopped to check it out and he was under a blanket aback that's pretty much it i pull them out called 911 had him on the ground nine one uh on online on the phone with nine will one and uh then within minutes that swat team came out of the woods and took over the two victims are reportedly in stable condition a man walked into the huntington bank ten mile and she and her in warren his face covered with surgical gauze the he doused the killer the tell her with gasoline demanding cash to tell her ran off another tell her through tunisia's of money after crook and he took off huntington bank offering a twenty thousand dollar reward the bank robbery black 25 the thirty five eight one fifty and had gaas on his face a makombe township elected trusty dean obuchi is scheduled to appear in federal court today charge and a grand jury indictment would bribery extortion and other charges in connection with the longrunning corruption investigation booty as a former assistant director in the book home county public works under the former commissioner anthony morocco ron johnson has become the first republican senator to oppose the gop tax bill on the.

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