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It's gonna be gray let me play you jonathan davonte had to say about michael porter jr and remember the bulls fell from grace with derek's injuries trying to get derek's body right so listen to what kevin he's been hearing from some other the nba executives as far as michael porter jr what everybody says unanimously is there's nothing wrong with him right now the question mark is five years from now is it gonna be like brandon roy type situation you know where he starts to fall apart and we don't know i mean is that the the human body is still a major mystery to to to nba people and it's very hard to project it's almost harder to project a guys medical is as it is his game and how he's gonna develop as a player and so it really comes down to you know your willingness to absorb risk and and the lower you get in the draft i think that the easier it becomes what you're hearing more and more of is nba team saying i'm gonna drive this guy and i'm just gonna sit him out for the whole year anamika his body right because he's not aligned very well right now in terms of this strength wise is left leg is in particular a lot weaker than his right and so i'm just gonna play supersafe do what philly did with joel embiid a few years ago draft michael porter get him a hundred percent right and unleashing in the second year and if you know if that helps me get a really high draft pick and twenty nine teen why not i mean that's mad at bonus i mean a lot of those teams in the top ten chicago what is the rush i mean you're not winning championships next year so why not you know go stack up on his many good young players as possible yeah i was going to say that's the philly model right but with the bulls have that appetite with the ball wanna risk a guy who had injury issues preventing him from being good in his one year in college after what they went through with you may have that tolerance i may have that tolerance philly may have that tolerance but they didn't just recently go through the drama with derrick rose right there was less risk within beat as well.

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