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More power to heat their homes and the bitter cold debbie elliot npr news this is npr the south korean government says it has agreed with its rival north korea to form their first joint olympic team their athletes would march together during the opening ceremony of the games and pyongyang seoul says it reached agreement during high level talks wednesday a former ci officer suspected of helping china dismantle us spying operations and identify informants has been arrested we have more on this from np r's rob schmitz the arrest of the former officer 53 year old jerry trenching lee captain tense fbi investigation that began six years ago after the cia i began losing its informants in china according to the new york times more than a dozen cia informants in china were killed or imprisoned by the chinese government starting 2010 a devastating setback for the cia rivaling losses in the soviet union russia during the betrayals of both aldrich ames and robert hanssen in the nineteen eighties in 2012 while li visited the us from his home in hong kong fbi agents found notes with details about ci informants and undercover agents in china in his luggage why the fbi did not arrest lee after finding is classified material and his notebooks remains unclear rob schmitz and pioneers shanghai american home builders seem to be less optimistic about their sales prospects in the coming months at a reading of 72 the national association of home builders wells fargo index when down slightly it is still far above the threshold at suggests builder's belief sales conditions are still pretty good in this economy the dow was up 264 points this is.

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