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If it's snowing outside you can always enjoy your weekend inside I'm all about that about an hour ago there was a hearing in Hamlin county probate court to determine if there should be a trial to decide if councilman to my Denard should lose your seat on council she is you know is facing federal charges extortion bribery and a group of registered voters yesterday filed a lawsuit in probate court saying she should no longer allowed to be to decide issues facing the city that she essentially needs to get the hell out and that was filed yesterday by attorney Curt Hartman who joins me now again on the acute hearing centers dot com hotline he was in probate court this morning I believe are in accord with judge Ralph Winkler for a status conference current welcome back and happy how are you thanks for having yeah no problem so the status conference today what was what what were you looking for you obviously had filed this yesterday in court what what what happens is a status conference what is that our coverage today and it's kind of you know this is a unique process or really use process in terms of just wanna get a tan the rather quickly make sure where we're going and they will do so he both parties the city solicitor's office with the pair and the attorney for Mr than art will present they have been served with the complaint in the summons so every those pulmonary matters have been taken care of Hey and ready to proceed further that's the main thing that we got dressed today that subject matter all parties there are other attorneys back on March ninth braided basically on initial hearing figure out the remaining issues one issue that came up and just raise that with the city with this you know this kind of work the solicitor wears multiple hats in terms of who she represents and all that and whether or not they're gonna be able to proceed forward with this case and wide approach hello better than patient Mister nada in our capacity in the council member so the city solicitor indicated that they're assessing that the situation as well affecting the impact or implications of the pending federal criminal case and how that might impact this case so nothing definitive on that front but those issues are out there would be should be addressed by March ninth to March so today's stands confident with the city solicitor as opposed to her her personal a defense counsel right our motion offense county okay all right he does that individual that did the lawyer there for her offer anything and make a statement or standing relative to well what things that we need to know about what he's a com not much any of the games is one area of static he acknowledged receipt of the complaint on her hair out and that's pretty much it from from her side you know the focus right now I think that initial hurdle the dresses but the city solicitor's office they have problems too thank you got to do well first they got to determine that in statute whether they would proceed with the case but if they are going to proceed with the case they also got the site are they really that person to make that call at the prosecute the case will still be responsible prosecutor need to come when you expect an answer on that is it that the March error error or to be in the next few days I think will be the March ninth hearing date that could be closer now publicly something earlier this hour to my just simply says he's resigning which I I think it's probably the best option at this point correct and I'm just trying to get men to make a point that that you said you know I read the newspapers I understand you know that that kind of all she could make a decision by next week and he said you know it's true for Billy's eyes not that he was saying he should or shouldn't how about if you were to resign that that would make the case in this portion of the of the matters Mr Nardi go away her attorney who represented didn't really same bopper down on that at all like it's kind of something you're talking not only did I get that that that question or issues out there I've been kind of knowledge yet that the reports out there I didn't didn't say yea nay she's inclined one way or the other not attacked by one of the top of the news position as well if you're into them and no let's say you're on the other side of this thing you filed a lawsuit but let's say your help you you're working for a team in art in this case is there an advantage to drag this thing else for her personally the hell with the city but as far as personally goes is there any reason why she would drag this out our attorneys and say Hey time is on our side let's make this thing go on so we can cut a better deal I don't have enough information really to say one way or the other I mean it's a personal call that you don't know what all actors are going into our personal calculations so without that information it's just a guess work what do you think happens next week let's lay out next week because they said okay we'll we'll have a decision whether she steps down continues the fight sometime late next week but what what do you think's gonna transpire Monday through Friday next week well I I think those assessments are being made by internally with the best in art and her attorneys as I would expect them to be made just kind of evaluating you know okay thing where we want to focus our energy can is that the person is there space we can address the issues I mean so it's kind of weighing all the factors in and how you wish to proceed and charge forward I managed gonna long weekend for that's today is not a weekend tomorrow will not be a weekend holiday for Denard income but I'm sure they're going to be burn the Midnight all trying to figure out what to do here right right I think if we are serious matters this is estimated to be made on the spur of the moment I think you know it needs to be a deliberate that caught out process that she got a good legal counsel for that and programs available are you recording my her sister in making that decision either yeah I would think so attorney Curt Hartman filed this suit yesterday on this morning and acute hearing centers dot com hotline there is a status conference hearing this morning in judge Winkler's court and probate and again the reason why probate it is in play here because it has to do with that a I was in it obscures statue that allow this to go to because most people here way probate does not deal with will in the states and how the hell is this given their mother thank you to tell that we filed this under specifically because it goes to program so the following what the lawyers right now and the part of the larger came up a little bit today you know she has a right to a jury trial and so she wishes to participate in the probate court you would have a right to plant a church so that's all that you know that's part of the due process that she absolutely the title too right but but then you're also talk about dragging this thing on indefinitely too because now we're talking at maybe months or a year well not the probate court to the statute says visit the missile here which will be the main parts nine yeah the car within ten days and then the trial the car within that date back so this would be a good just you'd be empaneling a juror rather quick in this thing to say but I guess in a sense I'm thinking it's more like a a criminal or civil trial but in this case it's a probate one so it the wheels of move a little faster it certainly is interesting in some of the I guess myopic areas of law here but obviously that means to an end because that pushes the Denard issue fat and into the bottom line is I think the taxpayers and citizens energy group me Kurt deserve a quick up or down on this thing a quick resolution because I don't care what anyone says that the business of the city it's difficult conduct business when this axis hanging over all the subsequent members of council that yeah exactly and that you know that was the concern of Mr Miller are not going to do that you know they came to us and it sure doesn't provide recall doesn't provide critical mechanism I think that you know they would thought these were serious and grave up charges and the evidence against again enough is there something we can do and I'll give a shout out Brian private terming the attorneys I work with cake you know I've located the statute this is probably applicable beyond the the circumstance that city charter doesn't address the issue the general simply provide the means by which it could now be addressed that's good lawyer and write their body has some good Lauren current legal read have a great weekend thanks for coming on the show but I appreciate how good we can do well there take care Sir try to give an update on that too there's a little hearing and be heard from Kurt here what's going on and now of course it all is is in the camp of tonight in art at least in this point I don't know is is March ninth two late that would be the next hearing date I hope that something would happen here and it may be as early as Monday or Tuesday I haven't heard any word on this but I would think just looking at things the optics of this are not good follow on social media somewhat there's a lot of people wishing to my did not all the best I wish to mind at this is not a personal thing some political thing for me it's it's an honesty thing and especially when you come out and you you thank everyone on social and say thanks a lot of you sent my way messages prayers hugs all that stuff thank you to everyone who made a conscious decision allow me due process before casting judgment judgment is so easy I don't know if she's guilty or innocent I think pretty strongly if I were to guess she's guilty simply because of the evidence in the case and that motion presented by the federal bureau of investigation you know if this were a case where it's he said she said if it was a I don't know a Republican member of council against to my Denard and he said this he said that okay that's that's different right that's testimony that is an accusation where as in this case you have things like Natalie conversations recorded you also have telephone conversations recorded you have text messages and other electronic communications there that are were gathered by someone who is working directly with the federal bureau of investigation that's a pretty damning case there to get out from under to explain that away would be like moving a mountain she deserves the opportunity is no question about it the opportunity to explain these these allegations but it's not looking good right now further more to say that the city of Cincinnati is being held hostage would be accurate and I think the thing I can't get past in which she talks about Hey you know what don't judge me judgment is so easy well this is the same to my dinner and I think this is the that to me this is the critical thing that should tell you everything you did now regardless of where you stand on the issue and take away the emotion take away that she's a black female take away the fact that he's a democratic away she's in a gang of five all these things that you stand for that her her personal beliefs are surrounded by a strip all that away and just look at the fact that she's elected lawmaker okay what when she issues a motion on January eighth at the same time she was willingly going and talking to you shouldn't have any money we know that that's a fact we also know when she went on vacation when she didn't have any money so she got money from somewhere when she didn't have any money and when you come out you say in motion relative to Evans landscaping M. creating fake minority business with Doug Evans is in prison for twenty one months because of the city should be he should be the Huber said you have to exploit these situations you deserve federal prison time but relative to to my Denard when you come out and and declare a motion following the Evans landscaping case and say this and I'm reading from her own words her words I direct the city Cincinnati review and edit sections in this bill because it would allow the city to suspend a person or business from receiving city contracts are participating in city procurements when they are charged with a crime that if they're convicted would be the basis for their being the bard meeting she's what when it suits her she wants it to be about not being a judge this is a judgment free don't judge me how dare you judge don't judge.

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