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I do think it would be great to see them and sort of cake on do some about a tour because you know look like what are workout as for being the last four weeks nowhere to be saying maize on back this weekend or both talk about that yeah. That's what i mean like bator arentz the you know putting something out there. The people are really interesting. That's always the on big struggle with balladur. I'm more interested in the dolan card hair than anything about. It's were put on this year. I'm shouldn't be like that. Hey i'm jason delray and i'm hosting a new podcast called land of the giants in in it. We examine the most powerful tech companies of our time. Season one's called the rise of amazon. It's about how jeff bezos turn what was just an online bookseller into into one of the biggest companies in the world and how transformed the way we shop live and work will explore how amazon prime is the key to the company's success and how it's something you'll never quit. We'll see what happens when amazon bills a warehouse small kansas town and then also what happens when it decides to leave and we'll ask why is amazon building microwaves powered by alexa and what is with all the robots it's built and of course we'll tackle. The biggest question of our time is amazon too big too powerful land of the giants from recode and the vox media podcast network doc new episodes come out every tuesday. Listen and subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast at this swisher. I wanna tell you about my podcast rico decode every.

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