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Would you really know about the bachelor? 7. Thank you. Well, I'll tell you what bob Lee. Once again, thanks for helping me out. I'll tell you what, I'm going to add your score up real quick here. Let's see, 21. 20 7 32 42 47. Just give me a second here, 53, 60, 67. Oh, you and your partner have a highly expansive relationship firecracker, you gain in a lot of new experiences and reaching new goals as a result. Yeah. Somebody's hotter than a gas station, hot dog. There you go. There you go. Now you can feel good about yourself. I feel good about who I married. Straight ahead in the next portion of our show, we'll point out some things bob's doing incorrectly just to balance it out. So we don't send him home feeling too good. Bob and sherry want to congratulate Los seida Archuleta and her husband. You are going to be going to beautiful Daytona shores. Thank you so much. I'm actually really strong. Sherry will be officiating the renewal of this couple's vows. You have loved your husband, David since 7th grade. That is an amazing love story. Look at the bright side you probably just adopted about a hundred new listeners to your show. We have a big family. Congratulations, and you're gonna love what we're giving away every day in the month of May. With bob and sherry, congratulations, sherri lynch named one of the most influential women in radio again this year. It's bob and sharing. You guys, I'm really excited and very grateful and a little bit nervous. I've been contacted by a gentleman in Cambodian named mister safi. And he says that I know this letter may have come to you as a surprise, but I urge you to try and read this email because I am mister safi Cambodian. It's a bold and strong open. Is he a listener? Is mister sat be listening? He says, he says, please, I urge you to try and read this email because I am mister safi. A Cambodian by nationality, I work in the audit department of a finance here in Cambodia. We had a client who came into our company and deposited some funds. Unfortunately, he died without referencing next of kin. For many years now, no one has come forward to claim the deposit funds. And the expiration blah blah blah blah blah, the fund can not be approved by a Cambodian local bank account holder or a local commodity and citizen. It can only be approved by a foreigner. And he has your same name. So mister sherry lynch passed away. And mister safi hopes that I am paying attention, he says mister sappy says you and I can equally benefit from this opportunity. I assure you that the process of securing these funds would be absolutely under the legal and legitimate laws of your country and ours. Upon my receipt of your favorable response, I will make available to you all the necessary information. Thank you with warm and friendly greetings from mister safi. So, you know, naturally, I was excited. I got kids in college. You know, I was super excited to hear that mister sherry lynch died in Cambodia and that mister safi has reached out for me and I thought, you know, maybe this is real. He's not pretending to be a Nigerian prince. You know? And then he emailed me again. And he said, sappy here, looking forward to your favorable reply. So what I liked about that is we're friends now. I don't have to call him mister safi now. He's just sappy. Right. Right. And then I scrolled a little further down, and I got an email from a non K in Thailand who has contacted me due to an inheritance that was also lost in Thailand by a person with my same name so apparently mister sherri lynch also died in Thailand. And in Cambodia, two different mister sherry lynch's. Well, the odds, you know, I think you would agree that your family seems to be the sort of people that originated in Thailand. Cambodia. Cambodia. I have to tell you, I have to tell you what else is in a nong's email because I've never seen this in any of these emails before. Friend, I have decided to relocate to your country to start a new life set up a joint business with you and stay under your care. So I guess my reputation for taking in strays has gone far too wide. It's called worldwide, yeah. So mister sappy just wants to give me some money and non is giving me the money and then wants to come live in my house and be under my care. Boy, that's a lot. That's a big ask, don't you think? You know, no matter where you go in this world, there's always somebody who's going to lie to you. Either either or covering up some crime they've done or to steal from you. Like I was reading about this guy in Louisiana. He's 22 years old. And he's a car thief. And he was out trying to steal a car. And the cops got a call that there is a man out there grabbing handles of cars and seeing if they were open. And so the cops came by and they arrested him. And they said, all right, we've been we've been watching you. You went through 22 cars. And he said, I was sleepwalking. Wow. Was he really, though? No, no, no. That was okay. That's all yeah, man. He was a thief. That's all he was doing, but he had to come up, you know? You got to come up with a lie to try to get out of it. Because my oldest bonus son still sleepwalks. Are you kidding, really? No. So far he stays, he stays in the house, yeah. I mean, he did, you know, usually they say you outgrow that, although I suppose there are plenty of people that are quite old and sleepwalk. But yeah, he stays in the house. He's still sleepwalks. I just hope that when a non comes to live under my care in my house, after giving me the money from the late mister lynch, I just hope nong's not a sleepwalker because I got pets. It's just gonna be chaos. It's already hard enough to sleep around here. You know, if I look back, not that far off, not that long ago. There actually, I think there might have been one or two mister sherry lynch's, at least they were referred to that way. Oh, but you know what? Don't they continue to draw breath? Yes. And I promise you not one of them is I'm never going to get an email from one of them, leave me money. No. It's bobbing cherry. Hey, thank you so much for listening to the bob and cherry podcast and the bob and sherry podcast we would love if you would subscribe, rate and review and share it with a friend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you go, and thank you again for listening. You love Lala canton on Vanderpump rules. Now get to know her on give them Lala. Lala with her assistant chess. I get an interaction hangover. Voila, you're an extroverted introvert. That's like that one it is. So people would probably assume you're an extrovert because when you're out, you're social and this and that, but it takes a toll on you. It did. But that's a real thing. You get physically exhausted. My body hurt. Yeah. Give them Lala listen wherever you get your podcasts..

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