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Money out of the game and and what they did was they studied the way he made money and they started toward pakistan operations that way too i mean they kind of on tax evasion which a lotta people think it's absurd because he murdered all these people but that actually was a very pioneering prosecution the people then believe i didn't even pay their taxes the irs there was no enforcement when they got capone this is one of the few rare tax cases the government has ever pursued and one and you know and here's an interesting point oj simpson what are the two have in in comments well it's called the capone prosecutor when they set oj away for ten years for goes baseball cards yeah they were actually sending him away for murdering his wife capone when they send them got them for tactics really seen way for murder and and the booze and everything else but very pioneering what they did at the time in some ways you know i'm talking to win he's robot the way folks and his book is called out capone and the nineteen 33 world's fair there are a couple of ideas in american justice ones called jury nullification where if the jury things well you did the crime but we just don't think you should be convicted forward they they go ahead and overturned the verdict and and i think that actually happened with o j during his is criminal trial for the murder of nicole brown simpson than during his civil trial who's actually found legally responsible for it but that's an interesting point you make about what you can do we know disguised dirty we just can't get him on the things he's done so get him on something else and that was never able to a point about because with opponent although the movie was true what happened with capone paid off the jury as he always did so the judge got wind of it he did switched to juries but here's the thing to happen the.

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