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Moon before humans landed there, but it was not until humans linen there that really people would latched on were inspired. I mean, I know a lot of people here were inspired to work here specifically because of them why Stephen I are here. Yeah. Yeah. It's even born. No, I was. I was a little bit along a little bit ago, but yeah, so I it just it's still inspires me though. I mean, I wasn't alive, but it's it's something that really drove me to work here and to and to put my life's work into it. So now one of the things we just, you know, throw around cliches always by, you know, you've never seen a ticker tape parade for a robot. The Powell astronauts got huge ticker tape parades. They just had a big Royal wedding over in England. And of course that was a huge parade. Right? You don't see that for robots, right? They're great tools for us, but they're not humans. Exactly. We'll John Steve. Thank you so much for coming on and talking a little bit about institute resource utilization for us today. Sure. My pleasure. Welcome. All. Bring your. Hey, thanks for sticking around. So today we talked with John Gruener Steve Hoffman about institute resource utilization, hope you really liked this talk. You can find more episodes on we. We've actually talked with a lot of folks from Aries. We've talked Astra materials. We've talked moon rocks. We've talked meteorites a lot of these talks found on Houston. We have a podcast so you can check out any of our episodes. Don't need to listen to them in any particular order, but check him out there. Otherwise you can listen to some of our other NASA podcasts that we have gravity assist, rocket ranch and NASA in Silicon Valley, go to NASA dot gov to find the latest updates on deep space exploration. You can go to Aries j. a. c. dot NASA dot gov to find out specifically, they're doing otherwise follow us on social media where the NASA Johnson Space Center on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can use the hashtag, ask NASA on any one of those platforms. Bitten idea, ask question we'll bring it right here on the show. Just make sure to mention it's for Houston. We have a podcast. This episode was recorded on may twenty. Third twenty eighteen. Thanks to Alex Perriman, Pat Ryan Bill Stafford, Kelly Humphries, Jenny nuts, Tracy Calhoun, and Pacino's things again to John Gruener and Dr Steve Hoffman for coming on the show. We'll be back next week.

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