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Whoa. Hello there. It is Thursday February seventh two thousand nineteen couple. Huge interviews coming up today. Rex Ryan sat down with us during Super Bowl week, and we chatted about Rex that only Rex can chat about football life. His transition TV. He is an electric factory Rex Ryan, I love everything about him. And then we dive deep and go behind the scenes of the WWE with a guy who's been there for twenty two years. The voice of the WWE Michael gives us a behind the scenes look at how the WWE operates his life as a political journalist before he got into the WWE covering Waco, which was a cult that litter shit on fire. I mean, it's it was a fifty minute conversation that dove into some incredible topics you're going to enjoy the hell out of it. And we're so lucky that you choose to listen every single Tuesday and Thursday. I I honestly can't thank you enough. There's so many things happening in my life. And I noticed. This while talking to Michael call you'll hear later, I'm the lucky is dude on earth. And if it wasn't for you guys listening every listening to everything we got going on here. None of this would be happening. So thank you so much next week. We will be on vacation. But Tosh is putting together a couple best of episodes of throwback episodes way. Back episodes, basically, your favorite parts of our show. Right. Correct. Yep. And there's a lot of people might not hurt a lot of these things because we've gained a lot of new listeners. So we're gonna take it back. It's going to be ties picks basically next week Tuesday Thursday, you enjoy the hell out of that. And then we're back that following week with some heat for Saint Patty's day, ho new interviews knew everything. So we're gonna take a week off. I'm gonna go to why Cowboys going to Mexico Miami. We're gonna hit the refresh reset re recharge recharge but net. Hey, I knew we get there. It's going to be a great week. We're thankful for you and ties gonna put together some incredible shows so Tuesday Thursday, Wednesday, Friday, heartland radio two point. Oh. We'll still be on schedule. It will just be best of which probably be better than normal upsets fight. They might be. Yeah. Well, ties brains better than ours. So let's assume if ties putting together it's going to be great, and we can do any of this without our friends at seek seek is the greatest ticket buying up on planet earth because they scan all the other ticket buying apps, and they find you the most bang for your buck. Would you see is what you get in such is for sports? Although there's a lot of sports going on right now, don't oh. Hockey game. You'll love the sport of hockey, baby. Go check out some basketball last night in Indiana Tigana chance to go to a basketball game. He's LeBron James fan. All they did was talk about who they should trade in entire arena. Pretty much. Yeah. You loved it. You go out with your lady. It's a story because you're not just going to alive event. You're not just going to theater show. You're not just going to comedy. You're not going to sport where you're doing is creating a member you're creating a story you're living a little bit. And that's what seek does if use promo code Pat right now, you get ten dollars off your first seek purchase. So police go live little and spend a little with your friends at Seekie who were great humans..

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