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The big ass bread and video data MBA jam arcade in there, they had a fridge just stock will be like the best green room that we think how I fuck with the hockey we go. Yeah. Just talking about that the other day I enjoy when families there, but there is sort of scratches me out, and then sometimes ours goodbye, just gotta bounce though. In india? I don't out just like y'all have a good time. I appreciate being here. Thank you so much for your support. It was good to see out. But I gotta go out at my head. Actually, say goodbye. Yeah. I got that. I got that tonight with the this kind of my like necessarily family, but all my neighbors are coming. Yeah. That's hard like people. He lived next to and common comp them. Or did they buy tickets? They got about tickets fundraiser. Oh, okay. Do you is there? Block club or homeowners association. In our you're part of you have some type of leadership position. No, no block club president. On their most comedic resited evidence come through if you wanna talk to me about of your house. Can we change it yo house out here? We get some uniform shit going on you better run shift by here. Bozeman run bluff better, right? You'll sit Benepe Mola break that lead. My bucket was going on. This is bozeman blot out on that shit. What wealth bug better comfortable with the vote mother? You know is meat in it here for four years. Both both men fronting the up in the burbs. My book you note bird. I'm kief these property tax down you hurt. My buddy, you better say to work. Camp campaign song. I like it. I like it should if I had that campaign. Outer ran just just made up some shit outta just found something to run for with that song. I love I would love that power just to knock on the door. Hey, how's going on Mojo? You'll motherfucking long and bounce. You'll look at your Bush goddamn Bush's embarrassing me man, which Which is. is a haircut to okay. Kid holding shitty on the soccer team pass the ball more. I guess tips on your parenting too, right? I guess right leaks on you to teach your kids. How to do? What? Do you want me to raise your kid 'cause I the window and see what you did? You're here is trash minds. I dope. Your kid is going to.

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