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To them was fantastic we love to go anywhere knew that and so you just think gosh it's it's crazy that it's a big motivator we know for the consumer at time of consideration and purchase but yet when they come it doesn't translate on still think so many of those falls a hidden advertise right and people assume they're going to be booked because you know what not believing when we see facilities is not just about treatment is where we see actually being the actual usage of people that using the pool the tennis courts or whatever it is you you have is quite low protocols perspective so yes join think it's broken dinner by think it's broken but i definitely think something's not going right and we need to one understand customer better and look our ranching proposition more and what we can do to uplift that because i think you know we recount be settling thinking that that's that's okay minute spire is a big motivator and people choosing a hotel gotta say we're going to have to agree to disagree on that one but it seems that michelle has got some very specific experience particularly about the affluent consumer in part of the world as people have both in money time and resources and to to do a lot more and they don't bizet sparring the wellness as often as expected the because they have time money resource and however when it comes to hotel up saying look the won't say they do choose that hotel one fritz star rating and and and because it's got a spoil whether they use it or not and quite often they don't but it is as a kind of say i still think in in in the people that only talking meet with a lot of people yes they expected but because they expect it it'd be shopped for not to be there and what we have to do is just go okay we're building where we at we already built them let's make sure we're now.

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