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One third Nicholas bolas subtitle to his book James Baldwin William F. Buckley junior and the debate over race in America so I am happy to take questions you you don't need to wait for a microphone because he's been has this microphone they can just lower to where you are so just I raise your hand and I will acknowledge you yeah over here or prophetic voices from the heart of our experiment with people and where is William F. Buckley finance at the history read the book no I yeah that's a that's a good question I mean I I think that what I think the the what one way to answer that question is to say that when Baldwin reflects on Buckley he asked this question right which is I may have won the battle with you at Cambridge but Baldwin in some ways acknowledges you won the war right Buckley's able through in his his movement is able to achieve so much power the bald one is there to ask this question has it been worth it right has a staggering body count and all the injustice has it been worth it to win a sentence right and so Buckley and I say it you know through the on the book that you know that the price of power for the American right has been a deal with the devil of white supremacy and so Buckley from this position of enormous influence right and he played this outsize role in shaping the conservative movement and he made choices and those choices have consequences so I think that in terms of thinking about where we are today you know I argue in the book that in some ways Buckley and people like him although he thought he was doing something that was kind of middle of the road in a way a lot of the blood has to be on his hands that's that's that's the conclusion that I that I reach in the book I have to say I started the book with with the more charitable view so but I have to I have to go over the evidence takes me and that's where that's where it took me yeah that is coming through the opening remarks of Baldwin on open mine was very profound at that time but it's also very profound at this time yeah absolutely.

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