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To me bit oh god here we go the moment shady bitch moment you're referring to me the bit the me plus the have aboard or just me does he have it's like yes and i second that okay so sumi so then we cut to commercial because it's like this big fight on a bus that rhesus going to you know make a huge deal out of because she's trying to keep her damn job to keep your champagne room so then we cut to commercial say gee things one anti has decided he's going to stop like wandering around in his promos for watch what happens someone was finally like you need to stay still because you look you look like a little boy like staring at lights almost doing the splits his feet are so wide apart they're like just plant yourself abby okay okay and then this candace bergen movie for book club came abc comes on i have to see that i can just movies coming out i wanna see this immediately yeah one hundred percent movies made for us it's a bunch of older ladies who read the the dishes gray the fifty shades of grey movies and decide to have excise again i cannot wait yeah i'm just there for candace bergen i'm like like a big yellow blazer and pretend i'm murphy brown which is also coming back by the way i can't so yes so now when we come back i don't remember where the commercial break was in the middle of this fight but all i know is that now candice getting worked up until shasha shasha does the thing that i hate when people do but she has her own shasha spin on she goes knowing invoice honey i'm right here i'm right hand honey lonely voice.

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