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What is it like to be a city forgotten and rediscovered Monaco films travels to Gooden San in South Korea to bear witness to its oven revival natives and new come as a creating quirky buzz spaces and a bright future for this charming coastal outpost? Good San building on the past playing. Now the film section at Monaco dot com. Still with me, Georgina Godwin and joyless deco. If there's a couple of things that the retail market has come to rely on in recent years hits the apple products sell well in many of them sell in China, but the company reduced its revenue expectations for the first time in a decade and a half yesterday citing falling sales in China as one of the prominent causes of the reassessment shares in apple took a ten percent hit as a result, a joy. Are we starting to see the end of the retail love affair with apple do you think? Well, I how many apple finds that. We got in the studio at the moment, I've sat and he got one apple products in front of me, the the she sales still rising says why pets still rising is rest of the world is doing fine is actually just China where it's been a stalling, and that's partly because the top end of the China economy seems to be stalling. It's also because go big competition from this company called tricon pronounce, thanks. Very much which is taken it's rising by that sort of thirteen cents year in China it selling products of same quality is the iphone for half, the mice. And so I think what you're seeing is not just a slowdown in China, but also arise in their technological capabilities. And the fact that actually the renown a number of phones on the market, including some of the Google pixel which she rival the only phone so suddenly had been a complete standard of the hipsters around. The world is note is is no more. Georgina have we reached peak upgrade fatigued, you think on clamoring for new new devices do and again, I think it goes back to this whole thing of rejecting big brands and of just wanted to live a simple life. You've got a perfectly worth working iphone? They also expensive. There is an economic downturn. Why would you get the next next one just for slightly better picture quality? She I actually rebooted. So I'm on an iphone six I actually rebooted my old five. Five s the other day. What you find? In fact, she was nice. And I'm about to dig out my five seed. Going backwards on the upgrade. So she's the last thing for wants to hear from us. Oh, I consider just going back to the the Nokia. And so I can just on my Email solution to being off social media in the new year. But interesting time for for apple. We will see what their next strategy is. I Finally, I just wanna make sure we have time for this. Last topic. A tale of a runaway pooch who's been living in the woods of Suffolk in the UK. The dog was lost by its owner. Who has now spent thousands on efforts to recapture the pet interestingly called China no relation to our previous story, including enlisting drones specialist trackers and even a marksman to try and tranquilize the dog.

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