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Union shop. They're not changing. They don't want any Amazon employees to be unionized Amazon wants to work with ice and terrorise immigrants. Other critics claim the twenty-five thousand jobs Amazon promises to create in Long Island city won't be going to people from the neighborhood while speaking Friday on Long Island. Governor Cuomo said that the Amazon deal will add twenty seven billion dollars to state coffers Amazon gets three billion dollars back and that he would quote do that all day long wins. News time nine twenty four on the fallout continues. After this week's stunning accusation from the richest person in the world. Jeff Bezos says the publisher of the National Enquirer tried to blackmail him basis made his fortune founding Amazon and now owns the Washington Post, and he claims American media and its CEO David pecker threatened to release compromising photos FM if the post didn't drop its investigations into the publishes ties to President Trump now. Word. American media seemed to be especially sensitive to any examination of its relationship with Saudi Arabia last year. Am I put out a ninety seven page glossy magazine heralding the kingdom's new crown prince and his vision his trip to the US the Saudi embassy in Washington claimed they had no involvement or knowledge of the publication with prince Mohammad bin Salman on the cover a man, the CIA has concluded ordered the violent murder of Jamaica shook she of the Washington Post which base owns the Saudis have called the finding false the National Enquirer denies being asked by the Saudis to target base os, the tabloid printed private texts and photos of the Amazon founder last month the same day he and his wife announced their divorce wins news time nine twenty five once upon a morning there was a freshly brewed me- cafe coffee..

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