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But like, hey, they're wearing a red hat are they read right? And this is like a world like this is just a city in this big world full yoakum on very easily. And then like, yeah, I think one of my minor complaints is that you would see these same couple Pok Mon over and over again. But then when I was thinking how this city is set up and that this city like Pokemon people live together in harmony, so dark seedy underbelly, always all club. It kind of makes sense that these specific Pokemon would be living in the city, if they're used for utilities sake. Yeah. There's a shot of squirrels putting out fires and like champs directing traffic because have burden. Yeah. And then. Norling hanging out. I really love that your main problem with the Pokomo movie is not enough polka mom, I gotta catch him. All. That's a that's a fun. Yeah. That's we should have. We should have thought ahead and just like sent you over the patent paper and just like count. How many different ones were in it about one hundred and fifteen forty to fifty or fifty. Yeah. Yeah. There's like, well, there's four different bird ones. What would bed was saying? It was like it's neat to see a proof of concept and seeing it work, and it being stupid charming this. Talking about this. It was kinda like the experience we both had with Pokemon. Let's go where like playing that. And seeing like walking around this world and three D that we are familiar with that was just straight way more like straightness style just shot. Right. Yeah. This is more of like, man. Remember when you were kid, and you thought I was on a real. Yeah. And now, you can see what it would look like it it totally drills down in that part. Yeah. They drill into the movie like every every person has him on partner. And then I was just thinking like fuck I wish I had a partner if you only have one focus on your partner. I don't know what I have the same profession in the Pokemon universe. What it's still be doing video over there. Yeah. Oh god. Maybe like a champ. So he can help switch the cameras and the lights in the studio. All dude. Maybe I just get one of the flies. Chef maybe much lex because he could like give me a little critiques on while but much XYZ anything. What am I thinking? Are you thinking Diggle, it's cool, but they rip up the carpet. Yeah. Please everything. Yeah. If those people your home dig list, probably could have gotten Doug trio in there. Okay. Which is why it took so long a low industry got hair everywhere. Yeah. Parts steel type. All right. That's fine. We could you know, that movie opens this week this. Okay. All right. Well beyond look out for that. We recorded it a little predictions and post completely spoiler free wrap-up thing that we're gonna throw up in the giant bomb presents feed. Fantastic. We talked about some popcorn tech. All holy shit. I'm not going to spoil it here. But John's girlfriend teams the game of movie theater popcorn forever. And I hate it. You have to go. Listen to find out. Okay. Eight it. I don't I support one hundred percent. She's eating herself tight is it nutritional yeast. No, okay. I wish all right? Easy on nutritional Fred ably nutrition. All right. Just move on reverse. Okay. Well, that's it for that part of the show. It's move on to the next. It's news. And now the music is played we can talk about video game movies from one to the other sounds like detective peak. Okay. Meanwhile, fucking everything burned down last week after that sonic, the hedgehog trailer. And and we watched it on this very show last week. It was our lead story. So here we are again lead story there challenging the look. Cries that bums me out does kind of bummed me out. Yeah. I really think that about artists integrity. They're gonna make him look more acceptable. What does that even mean? They're gonna take aways teeth. Okay. His legs. Is save lives. All right. I I can't argue with that. It's gonna look like better. But it's going to lose like there's some that you wanted to be a nightmare..

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