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And uh yeah i i i agree like koogle's done enough to fix the pixel to excel that i could easily recommend to somebody who wants a big phone and it is a big phone i mean it's bigger than a lot of other sixinch phones because this bessa luis screen is pretty basil task stick look at the ymca this whole bustle lists thing you need to do is get rid of that word but i mean just look at how well the iphone plus model cell they sell amazingly well as far as i know they're there outselling the small version of the same model of phone anz it's because people want that big screen and they don't care that it's a it's a surfboard especially with the iphone because is so thin and flat in space in softly rounded that you just cannot hold on to the thing people want that bigger screen so i totally understand through pixel the pixel to is too small for a lot of people and i think google probably would have been universally panned for just releasing the pixel to and not the xl but that does mean after agree with it you don't have to agree with it and the beauty is that you can get either one and right now actually if you go to the pixel if you go to the google store you can get a 100dollar credit for anything else in the store if you buy a pixel so that's actually really cool if horror on projects fi i believe they give you a one hundred dollar project fi credit richest thatcher carrier it's effectively just one hundred dollars back in your pocket yeah that's true too so pixel to awesome phone i still think it's the best phone out there let's talk about another phone that's coming out soon dish we don't really know exactly when but it's the wally we may ten pro we have it on good authority that this phone is launching in the us in janury probably.

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