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And uh so you know it never went anywhere probably still is available on amazon or somewhere uh but uh i remember watching it and not being happy with it so i was really happy when this one came out and it did a much better job i think uh a much better job ah yes rubber bigalow chicken run is hilarious i love that movie touchy just installed a new home theater and omg huge difference compared to you know a tv with its own speakers or whatever you bet it's a huge difference a what you get what what the equipment avenue there what display what speakers what uh uh uh a be receiver anything like that enquiring minds wanna know sybil says the art of that ardmore ardmore studios what it was also did the angry kid i never saw that one i don't know about that one i'll have to look it up um and lost in space is being remade again uh raise areas saw i i don't think i haven't seen the trailers um oh compters is suggesting a service called cinema s i n e m i fa um i think if isn't that some sort of a move online movie suroor monthly movie ticket plans okay all right all right so it's kinda like movie pass it's a difference a different thing sorta like movie past that's interesting i wonder if they show you we miss you already own i just no i don't want that.

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