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It seem a lot more elaborate than what it was but i just had a handgun on seat. Aren't the bigger was in the back seat but the hang on the only thing i had in other guns are in the back side but long three or four. I don't know so what kind of car what kind of car i was using my mother's hyundai. Honda think okay. So you rolling. On my mom's hyundai santa fe Like a black and mild mogo swisher sweet or something right no. It wasn't movie s. It was it was pretty simple. Which you are you dressed up ready irradicial execute some delusional mission. So so i mean you ever shouted a personal beuerlein. I on no man gophers second. So so you're you're driving to where you think these people are and why what caused you to make a u-turn did was it. Your conscience wrong exit. Got the wrong exit so so just an exit met in a loops around in one direction at around exit. You get you get phone sex dark sexy south okay. She got off the wrong exit. And then when did when did the cop out of the cops fine. You had had that out of that happened just beyond what you rhodus made a u-turn a cop Meet and when he jumps out of the Utah he jumps out of the parking lot in. He puts his lights on each puts his lights on. He's walking up to the car are pulled me over walking up to the car. He walks up to the car. I pull off in you know at this point. I'm trying to get away. And when i'm trying to get away In head to be like. When when i made a u-turn i don't know if cops notify the people that they're in the area doing a Stop of some sorts. But you know probably within like five minutes boro like fucking probably three or four cars chase..

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