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All over it seems like an absolute joe madden move but of course you're mad no longer manages the race he's the cubs manager and won a world series there but kevin cash is taken over from taking plays out of the joe madden playbook i'll tell you about that new young star making his major league debut possibly today not in the starting lineup but we may see him before the day is out and one of my favorite players in baseball being given his walking papers today over the last decade when i say one of my favorite players and this is probably the end of the road i don't want to speak or him but my guess is that this might be it for a particular player as we are in a nineteen year old potential star we see a guy who has been a star and put up some big numbers over the course of his career probably looking at the exit door exit stage left for a player who i was a big fan of we talked about it yesterday because the race took place while i was on the air in case you don't know yours truly is on saturday and sunday so you're on cbs every once in a while he called me and out of the bullpen to fill in for our monday to friday guys as on for da thursday of this week i'll be in for tiki and tierney on memorial day those guys are taking a holiday and they said you coming up to new york gotta do show on our new york station to begin with you get two for the price of one i saw being for those guys but i'm here every saturday and every sunday six to ten eastern three seven west coast time on saturdays and right now on sundays which is two to six eastern and eleven to three out there on the west coast yesterday the second jewel the racing triple crown went off in the first hour of my show we certainly talked about it at length yesterday there's more to discuss today and we will have our usual post triple crown racing expert on you always hopped aboard when a triple crown race has been run and gives us the look back at it some twenty plus hours after the fact.

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