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All right let's get some segments uh first up we have a pr onetoone for odell beckham so odell beckham on friday afternoon classic friday news dump uh someone tweeted a picture or sorry video yeah of odell beckham imbed smoking looked like marijuana a jazz cigarette yeah now he wasn't smoking at he was he was holding a chess agreeing ready is a clove maybe it was clone um and a pizza not chauffeurs poppa john's or not and what seemed to be maybe a little the white devil no i mean the lady that was that was with him was using a credit card to rearrange flower on june mirror orcas one iota she was no she was if there was some flour there she may have been making the ps she probably made the pizza earlier and those a leftover flower listen everyone has had a point in time when you don't have a knife to cut up your pizza use credit cards credit card at who had all the factly just chop that of real just short quick cia i have never her new seen a situation that requires a phone call from tony dungy more than this one tony dungy could make this all go away quickly just be like i mentoring odell beckham now yup and then everybody's like okay he's already yeah uh this look like an awesome time by the way later a girl and yet yet in smoking or smoking a joint yep that seems like a pretty good time i'm actually yeah i will be okay with that if i was giants because it didn't take place on a boat and it actually the nfl loves you know the wall the war on football and how football players you know get seats in its it's harmful to play this is actually a great add four football players like hey come play in the nfl and you can smoke weed with a woman in bed any pizza yeah and chop chopped up with the credit card have you ever wanted to sleep with an aspiring french instagram model has try football yet try football on foot homework so new activity ever heavier have you ever wanted so much money that you can smoke any type of we'd you want while laying in a beautiful five star hotel room try football it is.

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