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But those were their heads. The big boys. So you like big boy less. There were a lot of white people going out of their way to say how much they like big would seem the little bit too much seemed like they were trying too hard because I didn't see anything. He did that was that great other than that coat. Huggy bear coat with something. Now, can we wear can we wear animals again? You know? I noticed it a number of people. Commenting that the Super Bowl wasn't fun. And I don't think they knew it wasn't fun. They just knew it wasn't fun. And Popo on the Super Bowl has become its own activity. Right. You know, I'm really enjoying this. This is a delightful Super Bowl with all sorts of entertainment presented for my enjoyment. I don't I don't think. That's that's not the cool thing to do. But I think what people don't realize I it's hard to capture. And quite quantify. But I think what's happened is what what we're witnessing is the death of enjoyment. The death of laughter. You have to there has to be a degree of trust between two people to be able to laugh. If there is distrust there is no comedy. There's no humor. You. Instead, you have your dander up. Your your your defy you're in a defensive posture. And I think we're going I think people are going into every activity like this waiting to either be offended or see who is offended. And even people that aren't public people are watching things like this knowing that no matter what they witnessed and how much they enjoy it. What they're going to hear tomorrow is it Sheila jackson-lee upset over a Pepsi ad. Remember the ad when when Sheila jackson-lee was upset. By the way, what's going on with Sheila jackson-lee and the charges against her. Isn't it interesting that we're not getting the daily updates like we do everything else? She does. This woman brought a case against her. Saying that she reported a rape. And that Sheila jackson-lee fired her as a result of it. That's a really big deal. How about miss women's empowerment? This is not the first employee. She had an employee who is legally blind. Not good. Oh, but an employee that was legally blind that claim that that she made life hell on her because she couldn't she had reduced vision due to her blindness, and that was his individual that was disabled and Sheila jackson-lee was harassing her. She's had interns for for profiles that have been done for congressional quarterly for the Houston press for I think the hill did one there've been multiple multiple reports on how she treats staff that the awful things she does some of which rise to the level of of being criminal. And then she's named the worst boss to work for out of four hundred thirty five congressman multiple years. I think that I think somebody needs to pay attention to this. Where is the media unearthing the daily reports of what's going on against Sheila jackson-lee, or is this going to be swept onto the road? It certainly seems ridiculous that Pepsi would utilize this kind of humor. It was not humorous. It was demeaning. That was Sheila jackson-lee, she didn't like the Pepsi commercial a few years ago, and it was very important as a member of congress Shaar opinions matter as a member of congress she needed to step up and speak out against the commercial at the Super Bowl that should not be playing because Sheila jackson-lee opinions should be known on every issue out there. We we all need to know, what Chile jackson-lee thinks about everything, including the fact that Texas is bad..

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