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Over two million people used lavage to breathe better sleep deeper, snore less and feel healthier without drugs. Nevada has over 70,000 online. Reviews averaging 4.7 stars because it works and it's easy to use go to Nevada dot com or find Nevada Walgreen, CVS Rite Aid Bed Bath and Target. Now available with eucalyptus for a spa like experience Savidge in a V A G E clean, nose, Healthy Life. Alamar Solar, a local name You can trust 7605040388 Diego's news and information stations. Safest thing for your child 12 and over is to get them vaccinated can be returned all the way through Tuesday in the mail or any one of the 131 drop off locations across San Diego News radio 600 Kogo. Okay. How are you today? Good to see you. Leo Laporte here. The tech guy? Yes. Set time again. Time to talk computers and the Internet home theater in digital photography, smartphones and smartwatches and all that jazz. My phone number. If you want to ask a question to make a comment, make a suggestion. 88 88 ask Leo 8888275536 toll free from anywhere in the U. S or Canada outside that area. You can still reach me, but you have to Probably you Skype. Something like that to call anything that call a phone number, uh, should be free. 88 88 ask Leo website tech guy labs dot com. I mentioned that so you don't feel like Oh, I heard something. I got to write that down. I don't want to forget it, or I want to keep track of it or whatever I want to Even better. I want to give Leo correction or an update, or here's a better idea. You can do that all at the website because it's free and it's open to all tech guy labs dot com. That's all. You have to remember phone numbers there. Links to the chat room. Are there everything tech guy labs? Dot com. Uh, day after tomorrow. As the crow flies, Apple will do an event. IPhone 13 year, Probably For models have already been kind of Revealed at the FCC. So what would that be? A 13 13 pro 13 pro Max and 13. Many That's my guess. We should also hear about new Air pod pros..

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