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A sale lamy exclusionary diets will wreck your sex slavery we'll just have accounted and they will make you a little they i mean that's a pretty big like it to spread but what i'm saying is that year you have to monitor and be very aware of what a balancing your body so that your gut health can keep your brain saint so that you can feel good end be attractive to people okay no i'm just thinking of of the teenagers of there who they may be having sex depending were there in their teen years rate or not teenagers are excluding dairy from their diet like no other generation we've ever had one in six teenagers yeah is cutting all forms of dairy from their diet i'd surrender the health experts have called a generational health disaster waiting to happen yeah because um i unless you have a dairy allergy he added lactose intolerant that yeah you're it that it's going to be you know us he'll per rose said then there now there's there's no doubt that they're not getting their calcium from broccoli which is the best place to get it if you're not eating dairy there's no chance that their level laying unlikely your bones are growing more near is offering a this is one of the things say you always learn about like if you watch the idea channel read too many novels about you know killers and stuff like that is that tina you know you're still growing at tillich twenty one twenty two year ball yeah keno that they said that it's a lot to do with the lack of dairy has to do with the fact that the decline of cereal as well so they kids are not eating cereal npr leading the milkman then getting the fiber and they're not drinking milk at lunch because they're drinking water designer vitamin waters yeah so i'll just aren't really full of vitamins pse so anyway i wanted him to sane future sex interesting i sexy time reduced bone density and osteoporosis and osteoarthritis is not gonna make for sexy ty now when these bill fifteen year olds are maybe even 45 forty five is going to be a mad in the tech neck a terror attack with your breaks during search as well and they also say that they.

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