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Inside mount Carmel, rather than surrender to the FBI. The evidence included audio from FBI bugging devices, which picked up Steve Schneider, ordering the start of the blaze. Later, another survivor confessed the koresh had ordered the building set on fire in the event of an FBI attack. But other survivors, including David thibodeau, continued to deny these accusations. They claimed the FBI started the blaze when their tanks fired hundreds of volatile tear gas canisters into the building. The bulk of the evidence supports the government view that the Davidians started the fire, yet legitimate questions remain over who is to blame for the events leading up to the tragedy. Many ask whether the Davidians might have run to safety if the government hadn't used harsh techniques during the standoff. Critics also questioned the ATF's decision to launch a military style assault on mount Carmel rather than waiting to arrest David kresh outside the compound. Others were outraged by what they saw as an unprovoked violation of constitutionally guaranteed protections. The right to religious expression and the right to bear arms. In some cases, this outrage fueled further violence. In 1995, Timothy McVeigh carried out the deadly bombing in Oklahoma City, and claimed it was a retaliation for the government's actions at Waco. Ultimately, what happened at Waco may never be fully understood. What is clear is that both sides struggle to find common ground. David koresh painted the government as oppressive and bent on destroying an innocent religious community. Meanwhile, many in the government reduced the Davidians to a dangerous doomsday cult. Neither portrait was completely accurate. Perhaps if more people stopped to recognize the humanity on both sides of the standoff, there might have been a much different and better end to the story of the siege at Waco. From wondering this is episode 6 of Waco from American scandal. In our next episode, I speak with Eric Benson, a senior editor at the magazine Texas monthly. In April 2018, Benson wrote a series of articles that helped shed new light on the tragedy at mount Carmel. We'll discuss how the public viewed Waco back in 1993 and how the events still shapes American life today. If you like our show, please give us a 5 star rating and leave a review. And be sure to tell your Friends. I also have two other podcasts you might like. American history tellers and business movers. Follow on Apple podcasts, Amazon music, or wherever you're listening right now, or you can listen to new episodes early and ad free by subscribing to one plus in Apple podcasts or in the wandering app. You'll also find some links and offers from our sponsors in the episode notes, supporting them helps us keep offering our shows for free. Another way you can support the show is by filling out a small survey at wondery dot com slash survey to tell us what topics we might cover next. You can also find us and me on Twitter, follow me at Lindsay a Graham, Lindsey with an a, middle initially, and thank you. If you'd like to learn more about Waco, we recommend the reporting on the story in Texas monthly by Eric Benson. This episode contains reenactments and dramatized details, and while in most cases we can't know exactly what was said. All our dramatizations are based on historical research. American scandal is hosted, edited and executive produced by me, Lindsey Graham for airship. Audio editing by Molly Bach sound designed by Derek Barrett's music by Lindsey Graham. This episode is written by Michael canyon Meyer, edited by Christina malls burger, our senior producer is Gabe riven. Executive producers are Stephanie Jen's, Jenny Lauer beckman, and Marshall Louis for wondering. From wondery, call me curious is a podcast hosted by me, Nikki Boyer, that finally gives you definitive answers to life's burning questions. Look, we're all on 24/7 information overload on our news feeds and our inboxes on TikTok. So it's kind of hard to know what's real and what isn't when it comes to health, pop culture and relationships. And that's why I'm bringing you, call me curious. Every week on call me curious, I dive into all the things that you've heard about, but you don't really know about. That's right, no more nodding along at dinner parties or run into the bathroom to Google, what is cryptocurrency? You're going to learn and laugh along the way as I explore life's little mysteries and the Internet's hottest topics. Like does intermittent fasting work? Or is it true that you can't die in your dreams? So find out with me and some of my hilarious Friends on my podcast, call me curious. Listen to call me curious on Apple podcasts, Amazon music, or wherever you listen. You can listen early and ad free by subscribing to one plus an Apple podcast or the one reap..

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