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So yeah, this is Kenny Cody, Marty, the box and Adam page three fifteen words of Jericho. One man show you. So she's a great show. Yeah, it's going to be abbreviated one of only forty five minutes, but at that point in time I'll be so so warmed up and just just sort of looking for so riled riled. So frazzled frazzled. Yeah. Okay. Good one. Okay. You know, there's some some potato snacks in the UK called frazzled day look like bacon and bacon flavored. They're great. I'll bring some please. Yeah, I can eat some frazzled if I'm I'm. feeling extra frost and you go and then five thirty talk is Jericho. Live remembering eighty grail with Conan and Raymond stereo. Many maze goop is going to be on the cruise. Yes, he is resigned with WBZ, but one of the caveats was this is a carved, oh date with some sure this is going to be thrilled about, oh, so happy. And if they try to pull some kind of a sworn Hogle thing on me, I'll find somebody else. Everyone knows that he loves eighty, but I want to be there if he's gonna be there. He's going now he's going to be on the wondering. Yeah, he's going to be the and nine thirty ten forty five show number three. So that's all the things that I'm doing and also ringside seats with Chris Jericho for one tournament honor to something that we had that's going to be for the final match on Tuesday, which is the main event. The site made it maybe size eligible club. That's the ten man elimination war impact for ring of honor. Okay, Johnny. PECS team versus booklet joining PEX Johnny packs. Yeah. So he just find gentlemen. Yeah. Johny impact. Oh, sorry, Johnny very quickly. It sounded like Sara. Eram is era trophy at stake for for this bell. The winner of the tournament gets a championship match. Oh, for the ring of honor world title. And is that matches happening off the cruise? No, on the cruise just haven't own the championship matches happening off the cruise, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So the final match will be for the winner of the of attorney, Susan integral point. It is. Yeah. And there might be some kind of a trophy year belt or something, but the winner gets a title shot. And that's something that hunter from Maria von or and myself discussed early on and they've been great by the way they vary accommodating great ends. We'll get into this like when they started telling me who they were sending, I couldn't believe how they're sending friggin twenty-five. People throughs did not expect that, but it just added to the enormity of it all official. Everybody wanted to do it. It's like a scaled-down. How show version. Boy, this is a lot of people like I'm not saying it is in this more exciting and more more Stockton wrestlemainia short, more sort of looking for like a jam packed show than wrestlemainia more loaded because at least you get resumes. So we'll get some filler matches. Phil, it's the cold FILA matches filibusters filibuster because I thought it might be a good a word like a great match or something show barn burner. Well, that's what you thing. This match is going to be a filibuster. It's going to be filibuster. Don't see barn burner anymore. Say filibuster. So that's kind of my schedule and there's so much more stuff going on, but let's go through master ceremonies, Chris Jericho. That's me. Yes, I continue on Jack. So the hosts of the cruise. You have to fine gentlemen, known as Jim Ross and Jerry the king Lula. Yes. So Jim was one of the first guys that I called and in the original incarnation back when it was supposed to be in March of two thousand eight. Okay. And Jim was the guy that I really wanted on the cruise is hard to get a commitment from him. It was before his wife Jan passed away, SU, super excited to go with her. And then when she passed away, I was like, you don't have to go on the cruise like not want to go. I want to be there. So he was always the host. And then once we went on sale and see, what will happen is once it went on sale became a thing..

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