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Good morning the city of Newark New Jersey continues to distribute bottled water to residents whose tap could have high levels of lead but there's confusion over who gets the free water and how to get it residents say the city's leaving them in the dark we just don't have the information and then if they're saying that what the media is shared with us is not accurate we believe I'm Richard Hey it's morning edition from NPR and WNYC legislators are negotiating with the White House on new gun laws phone companies are teaming up with state governments to get rid of those annoying robo calls and we look at New York city's smaller highlands did you know they're about thirty of them some are man made somewhere for cotton and some are notorious it's Friday August twenty third the news is next live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman president trump travels to France later today for the G. seven summit of the world's leading economies and peers Asia Roscoe reports the president is expected to focus on pushing his administration's trade agenda president trump will be calling for allies to do more to open their markets to US companies trade policy has been a constant source of tension between trump and other G. seven leaders who truck is accused of taking advantage of the US trump's one on one meetings during the summit will include talks with the leaders of France Germany and the United Kingdom as well as Japan in India this will be trump's first time meeting in person with U. K. prime minister Boris Johnson since he replace former prime minister Theresa may trump and Johnson are expected to discuss the U. K.'s exit from the European Union and the potential for bilateral trade deal I sure Roscoe MPR news the White House the White House has again changed course on tax cuts now officials say they're looking at a broader approach instead of focusing on wealthier taxpayers White House officials say any tax cut plan probably won't be proposed until next year during the presidential campaign the White House seems to be backing away from a cut in payroll taxes that was floated earlier this week federal reserve and other central bank officials are gathering in Jackson Hole Wyoming for their annual symposium Steve Becker reports that fed watchers are eagerly awaiting fed chair Jerome Powell's keynote address since the fed cut interest rates late last month Wall Street and the White House have clamored for more cuts so pals words will be parsed for potential monetary policy signals but beyond repeating past pledges to act as appropriate to sustain the expansion it may be hard for him to commit a divided said to future rate moves Steve Beckner prepared that report Emma Craddick presidential candidate man south bend Indiana mayor Peter booted gentry is out with a new plan today and peers awesome Holland reports but a judge's plan aims to improve mental health and combat addiction Lou.

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