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Yeah i mean. I thought it was several guys who really stood out In absolutely ethridge. I think was the top name as you mentioned. All this tackles three of those tackles for loss. So this wasn't like a paul were lows situation. Where he was tackling is ten yards. Past the line of scrimmage he had three for loss and as you said he was constantly around. The ball really really excited to see if he can keep this up again one game. Let's see if he can do this again. in the next couple of preseason games but he is someone that i think made a very strong case for one of those last roster spots as mentioned are linebacker depth are inside linebacker. Depth is actually pretty good so he's got an uphill climb but man. He made impression the other player. I felt like really helped his case. You mentioned him just second ago. Jalen hawkins sort of the like. It's funny he's sort of the forgotten draft pick from last year. In some way you know we talked about marlon davidson and in some of the rest. And hawkins is the only carryover safety from twenty twenty like we lost counter. Neil we cut ricardo allen. We didn't resign demonte. Casey gillan hawkins is the only one that carried over. And we've heard that he's had a strong camp and man. He looked solid in this game. Both in coverage and as you mentioned on that blitz where he was completely untouched and absolutely crushed quarterback So he's a guy that i'm really excited to see if he can build on that in. I want to be very clear. I don't think that this means that either of these guys are going to be starters sir. Okay but at minimum. These are guys who could be decent depth and you look towards the long-term where you've got to starting safeties right now in air cares and drawn harmon. Who were one year. Stopgap veteran signings can't jalen. Hawkins use this year to get some snaps in slowly developed into a potential starter And that is where i get excited about. Some of these young guys can ethridge become someone that makes an impact on special teams in becomes a good rotational depth. Flare as an undrafted. Free agent if you find guys like that as drafted free agents. That is a major win a so. Yeah i'm with these guys stood out. I would say the the only other name that really jumped out significantly was Our second round draft. Pick from last year marlon davidson. He came into and there's been a lot of stories about how he has sort of refocused. After the crazy bad season he had last year. Not not just purely. From a performance standpoint. I think with getting injured and getting coveted and getting injured again. He just had a horrible ricky season and he looked good. he was Absolutely you know what you would hope. He was blowing up that offensive line on the regular he was making. Plays at the line of scrimmage d- He was showing what you would expect to see from a second round. Pick this going up against backups. Now whether that translates into better performance Against starters is remains to be seen. But i felt like he was also a standout Some of the guys that was hoping to see more from at least in my eyes. They didn't really jump out enough for me to noticed. Significantly to quan graham Are i think what our fourth fourth-round fifth round pick this year and then Eddie organ deja I felt like he had half a sack but he seemed to be invisible for for periods of time So really want to see more from the two young guys that was there anyone else that you are sort of focused on. Maybe you felt like they didn't do enough or you wanted to see more of them I wanted to see more johnson bullard he had one of those sacks looked really good but again it's first preseason game if they're potential starter or anything close They're probably not going to get a whole lot of usage so not a big deal. We'll see more going forward. Yeah yeah and that's these first. Preseason games like as we're recording this just for reference. Justin fields is playing for the bears and has scored a touchdown. And we're already seeing the anointing of him as the next great quarterback and look i get. The bears have been starved for. Qb played for longtime but It is so easy and it happens every single year. You and i've seen this evan. From past several years people get so hyped up about what happens in the preseason game and it's just never translates and the police. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying justice fields is going to be a bust. I just find it. Funny when we get way over hyped or way invested into a preseason game on you know like we know we go through this every year. It's a it's kind of funny today so Anyhow the falcons in this game. I feel like they didn't assuage any concerns. Maybe on the defense they did. The defense made the fans feel better. About what dean pees is gonna do assault a lot of people going on about how great dean piece is going to be. And i certainly hope that holds up but what was your overarching takeaway from this game. Even if anything our defense like you said more boomer bust it'll be more exciting more hits and hopefully more sex were used to seeing. The offense debt needs some more work Offensive line is. Death is not great but aside. From that i mean this is pretty much what you expected. First preseason game People are going to overreact. That's fine happens literally every year except for last year because code but happens all the time It'll probably happen after the next game too like it's preseason um there's been teams who literally win no game in the preseason them wind up in the super bowl i think the lions that one year where they didn't have a regular season win i think they one other preseason games like it really does the niger. In fact yeah right so it literally does not matter as much as people think certain positions it gives you a better look at players. But that's what it's used for like like. I don't even care about the score. Because i wanted to see specific players in. I got to see specific players. And you just watch those battles as we go forward They have to make. I believe five Roster cuts by the next game so Not sure where that's gonna come from probably from receiver probably from maybe one of the backup tight ends will see but there's gonna be some moves made before they suit up again against miami. And that's i'm not expecting any big surprising cuts like josh andrews right but Yeah we have to lose five. And honestly i think were. It's going to be a blip on the radar but yes to echo your point. I think we're we're seeing a lot of people sort of freak out a little bit in. It's just not worth it it. These games are meaningless especially on the offense. Look at the individual performances. Look at what. These guys did In one on one situations. And i think that's where you'll find the most takeaways even at that it is still somewhat limited. I don't think we can say with certainty. That kaleb Is better than Jv and hawkins that's remains to be seen so we'll see how this plays out but like you and like most of the fans. I was excited to see a defense. That at minimum is not going to be what we've had in atlanta since two thousand fifteen which was very vanilla very boring rush three rush In hope and pray it looks like dnp's is going to give us a defense that they may not be great but the probably going to be fun and that's better than what we've had passed six years all right evan with that. Why don't you remind listeners can find you have going.

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