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S Hashtag snaps Joe Hashtag. I won't take it. We volume drink has alerted being back them all right so that you can buy weapons extra time. Thank you very much for your tweet. Shock as his final date before carnival. Hashtag snap shackle him on the streets. Nassir packed you. We'd love to see the pig. Nobody wants to see that. We'd say. See that gap saying he's not GonNa Carnival Insa finished third and Sarah. Would you consider this season of failure? Gap Get all depends on whether I'm GONNA WANNA sound boring here. How how they finished third whether they show forward progress if it's close if they're playing better if it looks like they're building something is if the kids keep growing into the team guys like bustle like loud thorough. Maybe even though by then yeah. It could be a positive. It's if they run them if not if they're way behind and Run Away with it any better. No it's negative Craig. I'll talk about it without Kane. No they can play with. Some success are bustling messing. Never never with. Your best isn't good thing you think. Hang gliding to ask Greg that very question that he just asked. It entered himself better without messing. We give you staying. Oh this is comfortable with. Oh we have police pointing.

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