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You had this. Celebration and it was frivolous right during the morning in the early afternoon hours. And then things got real serious at about nine o'clock last night, the state of the union address, which you heard here on NewsRadio nine twenty four seven FM and a CBS news. Poll that came out. Good numbers for the president. This is CBS CBS pulled viewers of President Trump's state of the union address and seventy six percent approved while twenty four percent disapproved. Now, as is typical the viewership lean towards his own party, as you would imagine independence at a strong showing with thirty percent of viewers identifying that way now as far as you're not in the country goes only fifty six percent said that Trump's speech will accomplish that with thirty six percent saying nothing's going to change that sentiment follows when asked if Trump and Nancy Pelosi will work together. Not sixty three percents said they won't be any change at all as far as other topics. Seventy two percent favored what they heard about immigration while seventy four percent about topics in the Middle East. Seventy eight percent gave a thumbs up for the summit with North Korea. So this CBS on the underscore that against CBS Paul says that most Americans did approve of the state of the union address. However, they don't think it's really going to stop anything from coming down in just ten days. So that's our poll question today. Is another federal government shutdown in ten days inevitable or Willie declare state of emergency. Let's not go there. If you wanna make a comment on that. You can give me any. Yes. Or no on this one is another federal government shutdown in ten days inevitable. Log onto NewsRadio RI dot com. Yes, or no. And if you wanna leave a comment, please go to the Facebook page for the program yesterday's results. Does Rhode Island Nita Steve inspector general as the house minority leader blink Philippi suggests because state employees making a hundred K or more was up twenty one percent last year overwhelmingly, you should know there's a need to create another position thirty-three percent said. Yes. While sixty seven percent said no tax filing season heavily underway. And you're going to notice a lot of differences as we hear from Susan Campbell. And I with this news, what are the noticeable changes? You'll see this tax season is the paperwork, the IRS eliminated, the ten forty easy and ten forty eight forms now, everyone will use this redesigned ten forty form much..

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