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I had. My guest. Favorite guests. Inaugural guest. My Pool Aka Shannon Ford Freeman. Kobe pop-up. POPEY PROPO- Hey. So Just to let everybody know again this, you're listening to the free world podcast and I have my wife here with me Shannon she's a mother of four. Him. True. Let me do the intro. So she's a mother of four. Author of thirteen thirteen books. She's an English teacher. and She is director of a nonprofit reach redirecting educating aligning community help. You knew that already. Make sure you got all the words, right? Yeah, thank you for taking over. Prop wouldn't have it any other way. But yeah again she's an Arthur and you know my love we've known each other since we were very young. Or five years old and. We we both grew up in the same town port, Arthur Texas we represent. P. A. and. We've been married now for eleven years. Twelve years..

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