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Insulting them more Your last story of a sorry excuse for an apology comes from faith saley It is hard work writing a book You have to sit for chunks of time without checking social media and use your words That was too much for author Jimmy Bello who recently lost her book deal Bello's novel called the leaving is or was the story of a young black woman dealing with an unexpected pregnancy But Bello confessed to having quote borrowed other writers descriptions of being knocked up So this week Bello penned a 4500 word essay called I plagiarized parts of my debut novel here's why But here's the kicker It turns out she actually lifted parts of her apology from a real website called plagiarism today which led to plagiarism today publishing the headline plagiarism today plagiarized in plagiarism atonement essay Because apparently Bello is a human escher painting of plagiarism All right here are your three stories of an apology gone wrong From Peter gross a husband who screwed up his anniversary keeps trying to make it better and just makes it worse until we end up with a conflagration From Lacey Mosley people trying to apologize to Arby's for making fun of them all these years and only once again makes Arby's feel even worse than it did or finally from faith salient author who attempted to apologize for her plagiarism but ended up plagiarizing her apology which of these is the real story of an apology gone wrong.

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