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Alex wilson is the new tigers pitcher one nothing tigers would go the top of the sixth inning in the first of four the oakland a's could you change brought to you by the southeast michigan what he's done lately to anything cleveland the great job three strikeouts overall twentyfifth appearance twenty seven twenty two it's that's good twenty strikeouts eight walks five home runs joyce at the plate and he takes a fans call for a strike been a lot of cutters it seems like he's he's bumped up the use of the cutter don't you agree absolutely good life to yeah consistent eighty eight were that cutter fastball we've seen up to ninety four this year strike one swinging amiss at a cutter i mean it's a really good pitch where you throw that to left in hitter when you start on the corner and this eats them up with has late gutting action a really the shape of that pitch wasn't much different from the shape of zimmerman slider today no say no you're right sometimes it's just terminology similar yes we don't know we can only speculate on george zimmerman leaving after seventynine pitches his fastball outside who will say that on her fox monitor we saw when he came out jim chris pozo grayson greiner and george zimmerman we're talking it didn't look like anything serious no like maybe he's just mean this he hasn't built up his arm around a lot yet investors complementing the catcher which is what you're supposed to his it cutter down at in nausea so we'll try to read the body language just say maybe it was hey that's it that's what i've got and be still in the process of building up the arm strength let's hope because jim that was that was a really good five that's good stuff we really was off balance swings lord to too low and away with a changeup away but i mean three strikeouts put so many soft hit balls i would say there are three hard hit balls to buy fowler and then the joyce deep fly ball right so nineteen batters three hard hit balls no runs on four hits was good the three to swing a line drive base it into center fastball away and joyce just drilled it into center field leadoff single here in the sixth ramp buick gmc we always get the best price period lease the two thousand eighteen gmc arcadia very nice by the way starting to forty nine a month there on telegraph road in taylor ice area or online you can visit them at mirant automotive dot com great folks big backers of jacqueline find final line for george zimmerman brunton my auto part stores were services the difference five innings no runs on four hits one walk and three strikeouts a very sharp looking slider back door cutter outside to jet lowry dating from his stronger left side you know he's been a nice player for a long time lowered.

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