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I think another could put my money's yours. Are I know Simone disagrees with that. He says he's obviously I'm a I'm a big fan of your sexually and it's a community of spent a lot of timing of of walked. A lot of projects in space. Definitely put my money in the US and I think I'd almost definitely invest in the company. I'm working with just call the advisor to invest in zeal zippy's sitting on a couple of dollars. You should see so okay yeah so you I mean my pushback would be that that startups fail most of them do that is an interesting project but it's yet to have anything around mainstream adoption. Go to your parents in Austin Hood of U._S. and they asked him if they vote Bitcoin and I'll be waiting and so for me. It's just the shortcut just by bitcoin. You Go. Wow you guys show. This has been such a treat listening to you. Guys Chop it up. I couldn't feel more satisfied with the conversation we've had around. The implications of whether facebook's libra is good for Africa or not. I think we've had a really nuanced discussion. I suppose one thing remains as far as causing out the show. It's a very a simple question that I opened the show with will facebook's digital money lieber be good for Africa. Yes or no starting with you Michael Kimani. It's a simple Yay or nay nay. It's a straw nee. What say you Simon Dingle? I'm not allowed say maybe but it's all I can say Simon Simon's that is not an option right here okay fine. I'll be optimistic and I like that we have to <hes> divergent views ALP omit myself. Maybe I'll I see what you did van so we have <hes> I think that pretty much fairly represents the opportunity here frankly danger here everything we need to apply minds to thinking about more deeply as we sort of navigates navigates Africa's digital future and I think that's a sums up how we like to think about things in a nuanced <hes> fashion that <hes> Chuck's the over-simplification overboard so I just WanNa thank you both for being on the show. I do WanNa remind everyone listening thing right now that we'd love to hear what you think of this very specific question will facebook's digital money libra be good for Africa. We'd like you to factor in give us a shout on twitter or Instagram at African roundup is where you can find us facebook look dot com forward slash African take round up. We'll drop us an e mail via. Hello at African take roundup com otherwise just one last time I wanNA thank my guest hit today Michael Kimani thanks for having us <hes> again. Thank you so much for for bringing your blockchain catalyst crypto analyst strong opinions views my own. Why so serious self to the show thank you <hes> Simon Dingle as always thank you for bringing your unique brand of candidates who are how show it's always a pleasure and I wish you both really well with everything you're working on the businesses you consult to the.

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