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Through and honor of the late Tom Petty written in 1991, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Learning to fly, depending on what charge you look at. It was. It was number one in 1991 of the rock charts, and that's the one you look at it and it was number 28 on the hot 100. Now it's a rock song. I found it under a rock. So it's number right because I did pop and we did not play that song. I remember it was. It was a lot of rump shaker and, uh Sir. Mix a lot rump shaker vanilla ice shock and left the junk a lot to see. Some some would say that was one of the worst times for pop music. But I think because I was a teenager. I was okay with it. Yeah, I can. I could see that. I look back now. And I'm like, okay, well, I guess it They had their issues, but a good morning. It's breaded boxer NewsRadio 16 w TVN. Michael Cam Pana, our executive producer that McCoy is standing by in the newsroom sports coming up in just a bit. We now have our sweet 16 teams. Holy heavy upset back Pan. Yeah, Wow, It's ah, It's like someone went in and just hosed and cleaned and disinfected And there's a whole new look for the sweet 16. So we'll get to that with the Matt McCoy this morning and some very serious news. The Boulder Colorado shootings to 10 dead overnight Just a real sad story, so we'll catch up on that too. Right now, Andrew, But Michael from ABC, six is joining us right now, boy, after a beautiful day yesterday had the chance to go for a walk. What's the weather going to be like For today, Andrew It's gonna be a little cloudy or today we had some of those clouds started to move in late yesterday today 69 for the high and breezy and we will be dealing with some spotty light rain moving in tonight and for the day tomorrow. Best chance of rain, though, will be Thursday with some scattered showers and thunderstorms. Heaviest rain late Thursday. All right, it is 50 and son. Very nice and warm. Already this morning 51 at your severe weather station news radio 6 10 W T V and Whether powered by the basement, doctor. It's 5 43 use radio 6 10 Tell the new TV end sports. Good Morning, Mr Matt McCoy. How are you doing? Okay, a lot better than my brackets in a lot better than the big 10 basketball teams. Yeah, There's only really one big 10 team left. Michigan is the only one to survive Iowa, you know, to see got drubbed the Pac 12, which Well, I I'm like You know, I'm supposed to be a sports guy. I know nothing. I mean, I thought the big 10 was gonna rule in this tournament. I really did I thought was his conference. I thought the Pac 12 was weak. It has been in the past. And the Pac 12 loss one game in the first two rounds and has four teams in the Sweet 16 and the Big 10. Here they are, with nine teams in the tournament and only one still alive. So I think a lot of people's brackets are a mess. And that includes mine. Well, in the great words of my campaign on his Facebook yesterday. Well, there's only one way to put this I was dead wrong about the big 10. Yeah, you know, I I think there is an element of that. However, I've just been thinking about.

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